[100% Working] How to make money from Telegram in 2023?

How to make money from Telegram
How to make money from Telegram in 2023

Today we are going to see How to make money from Telegram in 2023? There was a time when the child used the mobile all day, then his family used to tell him so much! If you use a mobile all day, can you earn a single rupee from it?

But today that thing has come true! In today’s time, you can earn millions of rupees a month from mobile. So friends, if it comes to earning money from mobile, then YouTube is the best means to earn money.

Once you start a blog, you can write articles and earn money. But after this, if there is a third thing that is being liked a lot in today’s time and people are earning millions of rupees from there! That’s Telegram.

So friends, today we will see how you can earn money from a telegram application! So let’s see how to earn money from Telegram.

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Best Techniques to make money from Telegram in 2023

1. Affiliate Marketing

People in Telegram are also making a lot of good money from affiliate marketing. What is Affiliate Marketing? This is a service in which you sell the products of a website like Amazon or Flipkart. Meaning you help to sell their product, if that product is sold with your help, then you get a commission for it.

So you can earn millions of rupees from Telegram by doing affiliate marketing in this way! What you have to do is create a selling account of these websites. And whatever product you want to sell, you have to put the links of those products on your Telegram channel.

What will happen to these friends, if any customer buys that product from your given link! So you get a commission in return, that commission is 10 to 20%.

That means he depends on that product! You get a commission according to which product you have sold. This is why affiliate marketing is a very good way to make money on Telegram.

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2. Subscription Based

Friends, the next way to earn money from Telegram is subscription based. Guys, some people do this. When you create your Telegram channel, you also create a private channel. They do not create public channels and provide their services in it.

You need to create a private channel on Telegram. What will you benefit from this if you share any of your knowledge on your channel. So you can charge a monthly or yearly money to join your channel! You can consider it a model like it happens in the Coaching Institute of India.

The teacher has a very detailed knowledge of every subject.So they do not give him a free course, he charges money for it. That means if you want to do a course of a subject from them, then you have to charge money for it first! Similarly, if you also have knowledge in any subject that many people do not know.

So you can charge his money and share that knowledge with you people. For that, you create a private channel and keep a subscription-based service in it. If a customer wants to join your channel, then he will have to charge money for the month or year.

Only then will your service reach them. Friends, this is also a very beneficial idea of how to earn money from Telegram channel.

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3. Sell Channel

The next way to earn money from the Telegram app is the Sell channel. This is also a very good way to make money with Telegram. Let’s assume you have a very good subscriber base.

Therefore, there are revenue streams that can be sold through the Telegram channel. If you know how we can increase subscribers on Telegram channel. So you can create many such Telegram channels and increase its subscriber base and sell it.

Friends, there are many people who want to buy such popular channels that are already monetized. There are many people who buy such channels, you just have to create such channels, increase their subscribers and sell them.

The cost of the channel now is determined by the number of viewers, subscribers, and subscribers it has. This is also a very good source to earn money from Telegram.

4. Selling Courses & Services

Friends, there are some Telegram channels that sell courses. That’s why our next idea of how to earn money from Telegram is selling courses & services. If you also have any knowledge that only you know and you are expert in it.

So many people are interested in learning it. So you can make a course and sell it on your Telegram channel! Suppose you have made some different parts in your course!

You have to deliver the first part to the people for free. And if people want further parts, then you can charge money for it. For your course, you may charge monthly or annual fees. So this is also a very good way to earn money from telegram app.

5. Advertising

The next idea of how to earn money from Telegram is advertising. Let’s say you have a popular Telegram channel with plenty of subscribers. So you can put ads on your channel! You can advertise for other channels.

Or a business may get in touch with you to advertise your goods! You have the option of running an English or a Hindi advertising on your channel. if more businesses are seeing your channel.

So you can also get ads of big products. And you know that you will get more money to advertise companies. That’s why this is also a very good idea to earn money by advertising.

6. Link Shortener

If you are publishing a post that has a link! So you can shorten it with the help of link shortener website and share it on your Telegram channel! If a person clicks on that link, then he has to go to the main content by seeing the ads.

And if a person sees those ads, then you get their money! There are many such channels on Telegram that sell any product. Or give links to different things such as PC applications, mobile apps, or movie downloads.

They are created by link shortener website! And whichever website shorts this link, it gives money to those who have a Telegram channel! Now suppose your 1000 or 2000 subscribers are going with the help of that link, then you get money for visiting another website.

You can see any more subscriber Telegram channel, in which you will see many such links! That’s why Link Shortener is also a very good way to earn link shortener money.

7. Sponsorship

Sponsorship means purpose, the next idea to earn money from Telegram is sponsorship. As we told you earlier, the more subscribers you will have on your Telegram channel.

More sources available to make money with Telegram. So if you have a good number of subscribers, then you can also get sponsorship. If your channel comes to the notice of the sponsors who are sponsors in any way, then you can get sponsorship of companies.

Understand that if your channel is technology related then you will get that kind of sponsorship. If your channel is health related, then you will be asked to promote a product related to health. This means that you will get the kind of sponsorship that your channel is related to.

If you have a good number of subscribers! This is also a great idea to make money with Telegram.

8. Traffic Source

If your Telegram channel is a good subscriber and you do YouTube channel or blogging, then this idea is for you. There are many types of traffic source types such as YouTube, Blogging, Instagram, there are many traffic source types.

If you have a YouTube channel, you can send subscribers of your Telegram channel to your YouTube channel. Even if you write a blog, you can make a lot of money by driving readers to your blog.

This revenue stream exists in the sense that the traffic going to it is additional traffic. And maybe with the help of ads on your YouTube channel or on your blog, your earnings will increase! Because you are getting more and more traffic.

And traffic means income, So you can send the traffic of your Telegram channel to your YouTube channel or blog. And you can send traffic from the blog or YouTube channel to your Telegram channel. This is also a very good source of income!

9. Paid Promotions

The next idea of how to earn money from Telegram is paid promotions. If your Telegram channel has a lot of subscribers, you can also do paid advertising.

That means to promote someone’s Telegram channel, to promote someone’s YouTube channel. You can do this kind of promotion and earn a lot of money. It is also a very good source to earn money through Telegram channel.


So friends, this was how to make money from Telegram in 2023? Hope you liked this article. If you like this article, please share it with your friends. It also turns on notification bells for websites. Don’t miss out on articles from the upcoming period. If you have any issues regarding this article, let us know in the comments.

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