How to Start Windshield Wiper Manufacturing Business in 2023?

In India too, the standard of living of people is improving with increasing incomes. And as man’s standard of living improves, he wants to keep his life full of more material comforts, facilities, so that his life can be easier and easier. Talking about modern amenities, the name of the car probably comes second after the house.

That is to say, as people’s incomes are improving, so are the things that are comfortable in their standard of living. While very few people in India used to have their own car, at present, even in an average city, you will find their personal car in almost every house.

Apart from this, today the roads have also expanded on a large scale compared to before, today most of the villages of India have been connected to the Prime Minister’s Road Scheme. Due to this, people can also see their own car near rural India today. There are many car tools. But today we are going to talk about a car accessory, which is used not only in new and old cars but in all types of vehicles that have a front windshield.

This includes buses, trucks, jeeps, cars, everything, yes this windshield wiper which is used in the rain to clean the rain drops from the windshield and to clear the snow and dew etc.

Uses and markets of wind shield wipers 

Wind shield wipers are used to remove vehicle glass or wind shield rain drops, dew drops, snow, etc. When you are driving and it rains on the road, in this situation, rain drops continuously fall on the windshield of the vehicle, so that nothing is visible in front of the glass. In this situation, wind shield wipers are used to remove those rain drops, so that the vehicle can be driven safely.

It is legally mandatory to use windshields in all vehicles made in India. Because if a vehicle does not have a wind shield wiper, then the chances of an accident in the rain are very high, so it has been made legally mandatory.

There can be many types of wind shield wipers depending on their characteristics, in the car these wipers are automated by the electric motor. That is, in the bar, you need to press a button, after which the wind shield wiper starts working automatically. A wind shield wiper is not only mounted on the front side of the vehicle but also on the rear side so that both the front and rear can be easily seen while driving.

If you start this business of making wind shield wipers, then your customers will be the automobile companies that manufacture vehicles. Apart from this, they will also be mechanics and auto parts stores who sell vehicle parts. Because windshield wipers are inevitably needed in every new old vehicle.

Space for wind shield wiper making factory

To start this kind of business, you do not need to rent a place or building in a crowded area. Rather, the entrepreneur can either lease non-agricultural land in a deserted place away from the city or take it if a built-up building is being rented out, because doing so will save the cost of construction and civil work.

By the way, wind shield wipers are not heavy items that require a lot of space to store. But despite this, separate space is needed to store the goods produced, and separate place to store raw materials.

At least 20 HP of electricity may be required to operate the machinery and equipment used in such a factory. Many electric panels and devices are likely to be used to safely deliver it to machines etc. Therefore, there is also a need to build an electric room in the factory premises.

As everyone knows this, in a factory, many tasks have to be done from the attendance of the employees to the availability of raw materials, orders, counting the goods produced outside the gate, keeping a record of the distributor, etc. An office is also needed to handle all these tasks.

In total, about 1500 square feet of space may be required to start this business (Windshield Wiper Manufacturing). But in the initial stages, the entrepreneur may need to spend millions of rupees only on leasing or buying land and getting construction work done in it. Therefore, if the entrepreneur wants, he can take a built building to do this work on rent up to ₹ 25000 per month.

License required for manufacture of wind shield wipers

By the way, no special license and registration is required to start a wind shield manufacturing business. But the list of licenses and registrations that may be required to start your own factory in India is as follows.

  • Business Registration (Proprietor Partnership, Partnership, One Person Company, Private Limited Company etc.)
  • For banking functions (PAN card in business name, current account in bank)
  • Tax Registration (GST Registration)
  • Trade license (from municipal corporation, municipality, etc.)
  • Registration under Factories Act
  • Although this unit does not generate any kind of pollution etc., the entrepreneur may still need no C from the Pollution and Fire Department.
  • Enterprise Registration (to take advantage of MSME schemes)

Raw materials and machinery required for wind shield manufacturing

A variety of machinery, equipment and raw materials are used to make wind shields.  The list of machinery and equipment used to start this business and their estimated prices are as follows.

  • The center lathe machine which can cost around Rs 1.3 lakh.
  • Power press machine which can cost around Rs.1 lakh.
  • Ciliary grinding machine which can cost around Rs.1.8 lakh.
  • Hydraulic press brake machine which can cost around Rs.2.7 lakh.
  • Guillotine shearing machine which can cost around Rs.2.8 lakh.
  • Metal Cutting Band Shaw Machine which can cost around Rs.70000.
  • Scroll bender machine which can cost Rs.30000.
  • Pillar drilling machine which can cost around Rs.40000.
  • Other equipment including handling material which can cost around Rs.1.2 lakh.

Manufacturing Process of Wind Shield Wiper

However, if the entrepreneur is hiring an experienced machine operator in his factory, then he must have already learned the art of making windshield wipers through the machinery and equipment mentioned above. Apart from this, companies providing some machinery and raw materials also organize free training.

  • First, the raw material is cut in the required size.
  • After that the punching and bending process is completed.
  • The deburring process is completed after this process is complete.
  • And when it is done, it is phosphorized.
  • After this, the windshield wiper is manufactured by completing the process of coating and assembly. 

Earnings from windshield wiper manufacturing business

The point to note is that the entrepreneur has to strategize the prices keeping in mind the competition. There is no doubt that good quality products are sold in the market, but they need to spend a lot on marketing to reach people and attract people to use them.

Therefore, it is better that the entrepreneur reduces his profits a little and gives its direct benefit to his customers. According to this, the entrepreneur can earn a net profit of up to Rs.5.8 lakh in a year from this business (windshield manufacturing business). 

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