How to Make Money from Facebook Page in 2023?

How to Make Money from Facebook Page in 2023
How to Make Money from Facebook Page in 2023?

In today’s article, we are going to see how to earn money from Facebook Page in 2023, once your Page is created, you can invite people to like your Page and post whatever content you plan to post on the Page. So that you can get the first step of earning money from the Facebook page.

Now, the next question is, how do you make money from a Facebook page? You can use the following methods for this.

5 Ways to Make Money from Facebook Pages

1. In-stream ads

Recently, when you watch videos on Facebook you will know that there are some ads running between videos. These ads are called in-stream ads. Facebook sells ads and they need a place to sell these ads and one such place is video.

Just as someone can make money on YouTube by agreeing to the company initially add ads and pay you based on the audience, Facebook has a similar model.

That way, you can create interactive videos, post them to your Facebook page and agree to in-stream ads and allow your revenue to grow and how your audience grows.

Here’s how to get started with stream ads on your Page:

Note: There are certain conditions for a page that must be met to be able to run in-stream ads in your video.

  • Pass and comply with the policies of the Partner Monetization Program. These policies can be found on the Creators Tools portal. These are common basic policies such as maintaining community standards, sharing original content, avoiding systematic violations, etc.
  • Publish videos from a Page, not a profile that has at least 10,000 followers.
  • Videos with at least 30,000 views on the Page must produce 1-minute views that are at least 3 minutes long. These ideas have to be generated in the last 60 days.
  • The publisher must be at least 18 years old.
  • In-stream ad publications must be eligible across the country. India is one of these eligible countries, the full list can be seen on the Creators Tool Portal.

As a publisher, you have the option to select the location of these ads. You can either let Facebook choose its own placements, which is the default mode, or you can adjust these placements to your liking. There are three types of placements: pre-roll, mid-roll and image advertising.

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2. Sell on your Facebook page

If you are not a content creator, but a seller of goods, you can not only advertise your products on Facebook, but also sell through it. A lot of small businesses have thrived by creating pages on Facebook and selling their products online.

Most people think that they can sell online only by creating a website, but this is not true. In fact, not only is creating a website a complex process, but managing one and gathering an audience on the website and converting them into customers is a time-consuming process and also has a long duration.

This doesn’t mean that creating a page for your stuff on Facebook will increase sales from the day before, but you’ll have a higher audience and a Facebook page is easier to manage than a website, and it’s also free. Even if you don’t sell much through Facebook, your presence on Facebook is important, it at least informs people about your presence and the products you sell.

Facebook has now also set up a Facebook Marketplace which is a unique place for business owners to sell their products and services. Maintaining the page and constantly updating the page with your latest business developments and offers is incredibly important for monetizing and selling the page.

3. Collaborate with Brands

Today, no one is unaware of the impact of social media. Social media has become the best way to reach out to people and influence them. A lot of big brands promote their stuff and new collections, with a lot of followers, influencers or pages/pages. Collaborate with accounts.

An influencer is basically a huge follower and whose posts have high traction and can grab the attention of the online crowd. Anyone can be an influencer of any kind, while most people think that only fashion influencers, the influencer community is vast and has different varieties.

You can have a technology-related page or even a page that focuses on being a book reviewer or an artist who has a huge follower base and collaborates with multiple brands to promote products. One can also be a food blogger and collaborate with food brands. Brands like to collaborate with good content creators and reach out to their target audience in an indirect way.

I personally think this is a good way to earn money from a Facebook page and also get some personal branding with your page.

Become an Influencer

It’s basically using your skills, whatever they are, to gather followers and reach a place where you have a certain reach. Then one can collaborate with the brand and make money. Someone might have noticed that some influential person will offer you a code for additional discounts on products, it’s basically collaboration with brands and making money through your social media pages.

Many brands collaborate with pages that only have more than 1,000 followers. Think about how many times you’ve chosen a particular brand because you’ve heard through social media or seen in various ads, it’s because of visibility. Visibility, when done well, leads to the sale of brands and as a manufacturer you will provide visibility to brands.

Use your skills and monetize them

Let’s say you’re good at cooking, use those skills, write blogs or videos about cooking, monetize those videos by using ads or collaborating with a cooking brand.

If you have the ability to consistently produce quality material, earning money through social media is not that difficult. If you can make good tutorial videos or just funny videos, do so. Both the internet and content platforms are insatiably eager for more material.

Create good content, monetize it and make money even when it doesn’t work. However, well keep in mind, earning through content takes time and is a grueling process, but once you reach the enough audience and customer mark, you only have to worry about creating regular interactive content for your audience.

4. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is basically promoting someone else’s product and making money through the commission that you get whenever a product is purchased through your link.

Once you’re done with your content, you can add your audience the option to click on a link and purchase the book through that link.

That link can take them directly to Amazon, Flipkart or any market you choose to the product that is being talked about. All you have to do is register for the affiliate program with these websites which is a simple process.

Similarly, if you write on fashion or makeup instead of books, you can add links to these products and earn a commission on buying those products using your links.

Many people write about electronic products, this helps them to earn higher commissions as these products also cost more.

So whatever field you’re writing in or creating content, you can add links and tabs to earn even through affiliate marketing.

5. Sell Likes and Shares

Yes, you read it right. Likes and shares on social media can be much more than a good feel factor. A lot of big brands like their posts to be liked and shared by people with high followers. It does two things for them.

  • Likes on popular sites increase product credibility.  
  • Increase visibility.

How does this increase visibility, you ask? Whenever a friend of yours likes something on Facebook, you usually see what’s being liked. Similarly, when a page or account with a lot of followers likes a post, a lot of people see that the page/page is not clickable. Something has been liked or shared by the account.

Thus it increases visibility. Remember, here again, your audience and followers define your likes and value of the stock.

How do you get a lot of viewers and followers? By creating good and regular content. It’s also important that you associate with the right type of brand/pages.

A page that primarily writes or works around food that likes fashion products will not create as much impact as masala pages/brands liking and sharing posts or even sharing posts related to the opening of a new eatery.

New kitchen appliances Getting to know your audience and knowing the products and content that will give your audience a positive response is very important.

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