[Rs.40,000 Month] How to Make Money from Affiliate Marketing in 2023?

How to Make Money from Affiliate Marketing
How to Make Money from Affiliate Marketing in 2023

How to Make Money from Affiliate Marketing in 2023– One of the most popular ways to earn money online is affiliate marketing, and in the last 1-2 years, this industry has seen a lot of growth, and this growth continues. Many people are earning millions of rupees per month through affiliate marketing, which you can also do.

Today’s article provides comprehensive information on how to make money with affiliate marketing. So if you too dream of making money with affiliate marketing, read this article to the end.

So let’s start today’s article without taking much of your time.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is marketing in which a person, called an affiliate, receives a commission by selling another company or person’s product through his marketing skills. Affiliate marketing is Hindi called affiliate marketing.

We have told you all the information about affiliate marketing in our previous article, by reading which you can learn affiliate marketing. Click this link to read the article – What is affiliate marketing and how does it work?

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How to make money from affiliate marketing?

The easiest way to earn money in affiliate marketing is to join an affiliate program and then get the affiliate link of the product as shown below.

After this, you promote the affiliate link through your social media account, blog, YouTube channel, etc., and when a user clicks on your link and buys the product, you will get a few percent commission. You get this commission for selling the product. This commission is your earnings.

If you have a blog, you can put a product banner on your blog, it is likely to be more sold, because the banner is visible to every visitor to your blog.

How to make money from affiliate marketing?

To earn money from affiliate marketing, follow the steps mentioned below.

  • First of all, join an affiliate program.
  • After this, find your related product from below, and create a link to that product.
  • Now promote the link of this product through various means. Such as social media accounts, blogs, YouTube etc.
  • When a user buys the product by clicking on your affiliate link, the company gives you a certain percentage commission according to the product. Which is your earnings.
  • In this way, you can earn money through affiliate marketing.
  • Now here some questions may come to your mind, which we have also told you further with answers.

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Which affiliate program to join?

There are many affiliate programs in the market that you can join and promote the product according to your choice. The following are some of the most popular affiliate programs.

  • Amazon Associate
  • Clickbank
  • Warrior Plus
  • Commission Junction
  • DIgistore24 etc.

On all these affiliate marketplaces or affiliate programs, you will find a lot of products on different categories, you can easily find and promote your niche product.

Where to promote affiliate products?

You can promote affiliate products through any of your digital assets. We have suggested some of the best platforms below where you can get good conversions by promoting affiliate products.

Create a blog and write a review article about the product.

Give complete information about the product to your viewer on the YouTube channel.

Promote the product by creating a Facebook Page.

There are also good conversions on Instagram, so you can also promote affiliate products by creating a page on Instagram.

Other social media platforms where affiliate products sell well include Pinterest, Twitter and Reddit.

If I talk about the best of these ways, then it is the blog. Because most of the traffic on the blog comes from Google, so the user who is reading about the product on Google has actually come from the idea of buying the product, if you rank your blog in the first page in Google, then you can earn good money from affiliate marketing.

On most social media, users also go to pass time but not on Google, so the traffic from Google is very valuable compared to social media.

How much commission do you get from affiliate marketing?

Commissions earned from affiliate marketing vary by product and affiliate program. Amazon’s products get a maximum of 10 to 15 percent commission.

But at the same time, affiliate programs like Clickbank, Commission Junction also get 50 to 90 percent commission. Clickbank’s minimum commission is also 40-50%.

There are also two types of affiliate products, one is low ticket and the other is high ticket. Low tickets are affiliate products that have a low price and a low commission.High tickets are affiliate products that cost more and have a very high commission.

How to get paid from affiliate marketing?

Most affiliate programs are based on CPS (cost per sale). That is, when affiliates sell the product, they get a commission. Affiliates get a commission on selling each product.

Affiliates can receive the money earned through wire transfer, cheque or PayPal. Almost all affiliate programs pay out affiliates using these three methods.

But all affiliate programs have some minimum sale requirements, only after which the affiliate is eligible to transfer the payment to his bank. When you make that minimum sale in an affiliate program, then you will be able to earn money from there.

How much money can you make from affiliate marketing?

You can earn unlimited money from affiliate marketing, it is not possible to tell it in one number, people who have been working in the field of affiliate marketing for a long time are earning millions of rupees a month today. Today there are many people in India who have become millionaires through affiliate marketing.

If you learn affiliate marketing well, and implement your learned things at the right time, then you can also earn millions of rupees through affiliate marketing in the coming few months or years.


So friends, this was the complete information of how to earn money from affiliate marketing. You can also learn affiliate marketing by reading online blogs or watching videos and earn money from it. Hope you liked this article, share this article with your friends on social media and also help them earn money from affiliate marketing.

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