Top 15 Best Business Ideas under Rs.50000 for 2023

Top 15 Best Business Ideas under Rs.50000 -
Top 15 Best Business Ideas under Rs.50000 for 2023

Are you looking for some Best Business Ideas for 2023 that you can start with an investment of just up to Rs.50000? You must be wondering what will be businesses that can be started with an investment of up to Rs.50000 in the era of such inflation. So let me tell you that there are not one but many businesses that you can start by spending fifty thousand rupees. 

There is no doubt that as inflation increases, the cost of starting any business also increases. But in a populous country like India, the sale potential of everything is plentiful. That is to say, India is also a very big market at the global level. So there are not one but many businesses that you can easily start with an investment of up to Rs.50000.

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Business Ideas Under Rs.50000 for 2023

However, what happens is that no matter what business it is, it can be started with less and more investment. If you keep the size and operation of the business small, then you will be able to start it with less investment. But there are many businesses that need to invest millions of rupees to start even at the smallest level.

In such a situation, through this article, we are telling about some such business ideas for 2023 that you can easily start with an investment of up to Rs.50000.

1. Business of Buying and Selling domains

If you do not know about the domain, then let us tell you that any business, website, brand, etc. need a domain name to create their online presence. Every brand or company wants to get a domain with the name of their brand or business, but sometimes it is not possible. Because the domain you need is already purchased by someone else.

But if a brand does not get the domain of its brand name then it is also ready to pay more money to get it. This need of the company, brand or individuals gives rise to the business of buying and selling this domain.

That is to say, in this business, you have to buy such domains at cheap prices from GoDaddy or other domain registrars, which you think you can buy from a brand company etc. And then they have to be sold at expensive prices. You may not know, but you would like to tell you that Facebook bought by spending millions of dollars from an individual person.

If you buy 10 such domains in the beginning that you think can give you good profits in the coming few months, then you do not need more than Rs.10000 for this, in this way, you can easily start Buying and Selling domains business by spending Rs.50000.

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2. Grocery Store Business

However, to start a large grocery store, you need to spend millions of rupees. But if the shop is your own, then you can spend up to Rs.20000 to get the interior work done in it. And by including the best-selling grocery items in the initial stages, you can fill up to Rs.30000 in the shop.

Now as your goods are sold, you have to increase the goods in your shop, in this way, you can easily start a small general store or grocery store within a cost of up to Rs.50000. 

3. Business of teaching tuition

If you are well-versed in a subject or are famous as a top student in your area, then you can also do the work of teaching tuition to those in your younger class. If you are doing it from an empty room in your house, then you will hardly need to spend anything to start this business.

But if you are doing this by renting a different place, then you also need furniture etc. for the students to sit there. Apart from this, you also have to arrange a whiteboard or blackboard.

You may need to spend from Rs.30000 to Rs.50000 to arrange all these things.  

4. Business of making pickles and jams

The good thing is that you do not have to use any kind of machinery etc. to make pickles and jams. Rather, you have to pack pickles and jams with the help of a small packing machine by pasting your brand label on the packing cartons.

If you are from rural areas, then you can use a variety of things like mango, amla, vine, green chilies, etc. to make pickles. You can produce them yourself, or you can also produce pickles and jams by buying them at cheap prices.

You will also be able to easily start the business of pickle and jam making with an initial investment of up to Rs.50000.

5. LED Bulb Assembling Business

Keep in mind that here we are not talking about making LED bulbs but assembling LED bulbs. This means that the parts used in making LED bulbs are found separately and the process of making LED bulbs by assembling them together is called LED bulb assembling business. 

At present, there are many companies and vendors who are giving up to Rs.35000 for the machinery used in assembling LED bulbs, raw materials etc. for this, but you can invest up to Rs.50000 in it by adding more raw materials to it.

6. Vegetable and Fruit Business

In every house, not once but all three times of the day, some vegetables are definitely made. And some fruits must also be cut once a day.  Yes, fruits and vegetables have an important contribution in keeping humans healthy, so they are prominently included in human diet. And the chances of selling them are enough in every area.

To start this kind of business, you need a shop or place on the side of the road in a local market. However, vegetable and fruit shops are generally run by entrepreneurs using street vendors.

Even if you start this business by renting a concrete shop made of brick and cement, you can still do it by spending up to Rs.50000.

7. Handmade Jewellery Making business

At present, there is more demand for artificial jewelry than original jewelry. Because thanks to social media, at present everyone is finding and finding out the hidden actor inside them. For this, girls and women are using many types of artificial jewelry to make their videos attractive.

In such a situation, if you are a little creative and are interested in jewelry and fashion, then you can also start a business making handmade jewelry. For this, you need some very simple and cheap equipment and raw materials to make handmade jewelry. This is the reason that it can also be easily started with an expenditure of up to Rs.50000.

8. Tiffin Service Business

There is no dearth of people in cities who are living away from their home families. These include two types of people in particular, one who has gone to the city in search of a job and is now working. Secondly, those who have gone to study in the city and are getting an education from a good institution. These people usually depend on food from outside street vendors, dhabas, etc. But since they are aware of their health, they also understand the consequences of eating street vendors, etc. very well.

This is the reason why these people are looking for food that is home-made food with fewer chili spices. In such a situation, if you start your own tiffin service business keeping in mind their need, then you will not need to spend more than Rs.50000 on a small scale in the initial phase.  

9. Business of selling water whole round and round

Once you have tasted pani puri, you may be seen queuing up every day at the pani puri stall near your home. Yes, it is not only you who like the taste of this spicy water puri, but there are many people like you.

If you want to sell water by setting up a stall at one place every day, then you need to customize a stall to start the business of selling water whole. In which you need to spend up to Rs.17000 from making a stall to customizing. And up to about Rs.20000 you may need to buy utensils, gas, stoves and materials used in making gol gappa used in this business. In this way, you can easily start this business with an investment of up to Rs.50000.

10. Fast Food Stall

A small stall in which you are selling fast food items like chowmein, burgers, samosas, momos, etc. You can start it at any place where hundreds of thousands of people walk every day. The good thing is that it is not necessary to eat fast food items that people will eat only when they are hungry, but they also keep eating them to change their taste.

If you want, you can also set up any of your stalls in a local market. It has often been seen that such stalls see a large crowd in the evening as compared to the morning and afternoon. So if you want, you can also start it as a part-time business. You can start it anywhere by spending up to Rs.50000.  

11. Businesses selling tea and coffee

Are you not thinking about how much money you will be able to earn by making and selling tea? Will you be able to feed your family with the earnings from this business or not? It is okay for you to think this, but to ensure that your tea-coffee business runs very well, you have to choose a good location for this business.

Because there is no possibility of such business not running in a good location such as railway station, bus stand, taxi stand, industrial area, any crowded market, etc. That’s because tea coffee is one of the most popular beverages in India.

Even if you start a tea making business in a crowded place, your customers include the shopkeepers available in that market and the employees working in those shops.

To do the business of selling tea and coffee, you can also take empty space or an established concrete shop.

In this, you need gas, stove, utensils, etc. You can start with an investment of Rs.30000 to Rs.50000.       

12. Tea Blending Business

If you do not know about the tea blending business, then let us tell you that tea leaves are of many varieties and grades, based on these, their prices are also there. The price of a very good tea can currently be more than Rs.500 per kg. But not everyone has to buy such expensive tea, now if we have to sell tea leaves cheaply to people, what will we do?

Let us first understand that just as a good-grade tea can cost Rs.500 per kg or more, similarly a slightly less quality tea can cost Rs.250 or even less. Now if we blend it, we will take one kg of tea worth Rs.500 and one kg of tea of Rs.250 and now we will mix these two, thus it will become two kg of tea. These two kilos of tea cost us Rs.750, now if we sell it for Rs.400 kg, we will be saved Rs.50 for two kilos.

You can also start this business very easily with an investment of Rs.50000.  

13. Spice Business

To start a spice business, you need at least one spice grinding machine. The price of which varies depending on its hourly grinding capacity. But the price of a machine used to start a small-scale spice-making business can be anything from Rs.20000 to Rs.25000.

In the initial stage, you will need the same amount to buy spices from farmers, etc. including turmeric, chili, coriander seeds, etc. Although if you want to start this business under your brand name then the cost of starting this business can go up to Rs.50000, but you can sell it by packing spices in transparent food-grade foils in the initial stage.

14. Flour Mill Business

Earlier there used to be a watermill in rural areas, where people used to go to grind wheat. Later, the flour mill replaced the water mill. Today’s flour mill can be easily operated with electricity. To start this business, you need an empty room, if it is a room in your house, then it will run, apart from this, a commercial meter is needed.

The good thing is that you do not need any kind of raw material in this, because in this, people bring wheat, etc. from their homes, which you only have to take money for grinding. Therefore, this business can be done not in cities but in those areas where people keep wheat in their homes for grinding. In cities, most people buy ground flour.

The machinery and equipment used in this business also come easily under Rs.50000, so it can also be started with an investment of up to Rs.50000.   

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