Start Your Electronic Gas Lighter Making Business in 2023

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Electronic Gas Lighter Making Business in 2023

Electronic Gas Lighter Making Business in 2023: By electronic gas lighter, we mean a household appliance that is used to burn (LPG) domestic gas. At present, in India, where on the one hand how many families are being born from one family due to the breakdown of joint families, on the other hand, under the Government of India’s scheme Pradhan Mantri Ujjwala Yojana, the government aims to provide LPG connections at cheap prices to the people living below the poverty line living in rural areas.

Now that the use of LPG gas for cooking was limited to cities, and in most rural areas, stoves were lit by smoke stoves such as wood and dung, now LPG gas is also used for cooking in most rural areas.

That is to say, electronic gas lighter is a device whose demand is related to LPG gas. Therefore, when LPG gas expands, it is natural for the demand for electronic gas lighters to increase.

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What is an Electronic Gas Lighter?

An electronic gas lighter uses a piezoelectric crystal, when this crystal is mechanically deformed, it contains the power to generate voltage. It generates a high voltage in the spark gap. This process occurs when it is ignited by moving it closer to the gas. As we have also mentioned in the above sentence that gas lighters are used by LPG gas users.

Electronic gas lighters are more efficient than other gas lighters such as mechanical and electric, they do not require any kind of battery etc. to run, this device is safe, economical, reliable and quick to operate, and does not require any maintenance.

That is to say, it is so cheap that if an electronic gas lighter is damaged, then a new gas lighter can be easily purchased without repairing it, so where people buy it while taking an LPG connection, it is bought even after it is damaged. In view of all these domestic needs of the people, when the work of making gas lighters is done by an entrepreneur, then this business done by him is called Electronic Gas Lighter Making Business.

Prospects of selling gas lighters

However, as we have mentioned in the above sentence, the demand for any type of gas lighter depends on how many LPG connections have been issued by different companies in the country or state. However, it depends on the user through whom he wants to ignite his gas because the user has options in the market such as the user can ignite his stove with a matchstick, even with an electric lighter.

But of all these options, electronic gas lighters are more likely to be used because it is safe, economical, and easy to use.

Therefore, in a vast country like India, crores of users use gas and with the introduction of Pradhan Mantri Ujjwala Yojana and the efforts of the Petroleum Ministry to implement it successfully, smokeless stoves i.e. LPG connections can be seen in the highest quantity even in rural areas.

Machinery and raw materials required:

The main raw materials used in the electronic gas lighter business are piezo electric ceramic cartridges, copper contacts, mild steel tubes, etc. As far as machinery and equipment are concerned, their list is as follows.

  • Bench Lathe Precision Type Feet Lathe
  • Fly Press
  • Bench Drilling Machine
  • Bench Grinder
  • Sharing Machine
  • Injection Molding Machine
  • Test bench with jigs
  • Spot Welding Machine
  • Dye, tools, molds, fixtures, etc.

The list of raw materials is as follows.

  • Piezo Electric Ceramic Cartridge
  • Copper Contact
  • Mild Steel Tubing
  • Spring
  • Plastic powder/rash
  • Mild Steel Lighter Body
  • Hardware
  • Consumables & Packing

Production of an Electronic Gas lighter:

Mild steel tubing and sheet metal work can be completed from outside, i.e. outside cover etc. can also be purchased. The molded elements are prepared with the help of injection molding machine. After that, sheet metal parts and molded parts and piezo electric ceramic cartridges are fitted in the mild steel tube. After that this complete unit is checked with the help of various devices. For its production, the Bureau of Indian Standards has designed IS:11514 – 1985, IS:11519 – 1985, IS:11013 etc.

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