Business of Manufacturing CCTV cameras and Making Money in 2023

At present, CCTV, whose full form is closed-circuit television, is widely used to prevent various criminal incidents. Where earlier this device called CCTV Camera was used only in some special places which need to be continuously monitored such as banks, casinos, airports, military stations, now it is also being used in various private offices, metro stations, railway stations, hospitals, educational institutions, roads, streets etc.

CCTVs can be used in different places continuously or for a few hours i.e. keeping in mind a particular event as per its requirement. It can also be used to monitor environments where it is not possible to monitor humans. In view of all these above-mentioned things, the demand for CCTV cameras in every area, even at present, people have started installing CCTVs for security in their homes.

What is the business of making CCTV cameras?

If we talk about CCTV camera, then it is a television system in which the signal is not distributed publicly but they are primarily used for surveillance and security. Where to install CCTV cameras is decided on the basis of a strategy and the camera input from one place is observed through the monitor. Since CCTV cameras communicate wirelessly or through a private coaxial line with displays and video recorders.

At present, their utility has increased so much that CCTV cameras are used almost everywhere in almost every public place whether it is a shopping mall or metro station, street or street or traffic light, hospital or educational institution, bank or any other financial institution.

Keeping this need of the people in mind, when the work of making them is done by an entrepreneur, then this business done by him is called CCTV camera making business.

Market Potential in CCTV Camera Making:

If we talk about the global CCTV market, its overall annual growth rate was growing at the rate of 12.38% from 2005 to 2007. After that, after 2007, its growth rate has been estimated at 13%. That is to say, both IP-based CCTVs and conventional ones are expected to grow at an overall annual growth rate of 13% globally after 2007. However, the demand for IP-based CCTVs is steadily increasing in the global market as compared to traditional CCTV systems.

According to 2006 data, North America and Europe accounted for more than 85% of the global CCTV market. It is expected that the major demand for CCTV systems will come from the Asia-Pacific region in the future. Intelligent video surveillance system is emerging as a new trend in the video surveillance software market.

Various sectors such as retail, healthcare, transportation, etc. have the potential to create a fair opportunity for CCTV cameras. Therefore, various elements used in CCTV manufacturing can be imported from China, Taiwan, etc. at cheaper rates and proper earnings can be made by doing CCTV camera making business.

Necessary Machinery Equipment and Raw Materials:

The list of raw materials used in the CCTV camera making business is a bit long, which we will mention below, but the list of machinery and equipment used in this business is as follows.

  • Oscilloscope
  • DC Power Supply
  • Analog Multimeter
  • Digital multimeter
  • Bench Drilling Machine
  • Portable Grinder
  • Magnifying glass with light & Stand
  • Tool kits etc.

The list of raw materials used in CCTV camera making business is as follows:

  • CCD Cameras
  • PCBs with Electronic Components
  • Electronic Connector
  • Electronic Switches & Sockets
  • Metallic case with clamps
  • Connecting cables/cables Wires
  • Solder soft, screws etc.
  • Packaging material.

Manufacturing process of CCTV cameras:

First of all, raw materials are purchased from the market or imported from abroad, after which this purchased or imported raw material is inspected. After that the mounting process is carried out i.e. in this process from PCB circuit to CCD camera, switch, sockets etc. are mounted in the cabinet.

After that, internal connecting is done i.e. PCB, CCD camera and other sub-assemblies are linked to each other. When this process is completed, its quality is inspected, after which these made CCTV cameras are packed and dispatched.

This type of business entrepreneur can gradually expand it with very little investment i.e. starting from 15-20 lakhs, that is, the maximum investment in this CCTV camera-making business is going to be on raw materials, so the entrepreneur can start by buying raw materials to make some CCTV cameras in the initial phase and considering the speed of sales of CCTV cameras, his business can be expanded gradually and can be expanded.

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