Business of Making Electric Steam Iron in 2023

The utility of electric steam iron has increased at present because electricity has reached almost all parts of the country at present. The Government of India is constantly working to provide electricity to the areas and areas which are still deprived of electricity. This is the reason that household electric appliances are becoming popular among people day by day. As far as electric steam iron is concerned, it is an electric device that is needed in every house every day.

Although there are many small and big companies manufacturing domestic electric equipment in India, but given the population of India and being able to buy electric iron by almost all sections of the society based on the price of electric iron, it can be said that there are opportunities in electric steam iron manufacturing business for new entrepreneurs too.

If we try to think about the situation 10 years ago, we will find that in rural areas of India, coal-fired iron was used to iron clothes. Because there was a lack of electricity and what happened was that only one person in the whole village had such iron. All the villagers used to run their work from him. But at present, this era is over, the first reason for this is the arrival of electricity in rural areas and secondly the lack of dependence of rural people on each other.

What is the business of making electric steam iron?

Currently it is available in the market in two formats. Since the pressure of electric steam iron is higher than normal iron in clothing, it is also slightly more expensive and effective in price than normal iron.

Apart from this, we can also get our favorite results from normal electric iron in clothes, but where it comes to ironing curtains, sheets, pulling quilts, etc. used in the house, an electric steam iron is effective.

An electric steam iron has many features such as temperature control, steam, and automatic shutdown when the temperature reaches a certain level. The work of making electric steam iron to earn his income by an entrepreneur can be called electric steam iron-making business.

Possibility of selling Electric steam iron

Electric Steam Iron may be somewhat more expensive than normal ironing depending on the price, but given its specialty, people will definitely like to buy it. It consumes less electricity than normal ironing and can be easily ironed in both ways i.e. steam and without steam. While it is a challenge to straighten the fabric straps when using a non-steam iron, this action can be easily carried out using electric steam iron.

And as far as its expensive price is concerned, it indirectly saves people’s earnings from being spent due to low energy consumption. One of the major improvements that electric steam iron shows over other irons is the plate on its tail, which comes in contact with clothing or other fabric while ironing. Due to the good coating in its sole plate, it does not deteriorate due to contact with zippers or other external parts of the fabric.

Although it may be a little difficult to sell electric steam iron to a normal customer who decides to buy only by looking at the price of the item, if the customer is educated, he can easily buy it by analyzing its features. Electric steam iron can be used domestically as well as commercially.

Machinery and raw materials required

The raw materials used in the electric steam iron-making business are Teflon-coated sole plates, thermostats, heating elements, indicator lamps, and plastic bodies. The list of machinery and equipment is as follows.

  • Drilling Machine with Tapping Arrangement
  • Hand Press
  • F Grinder
  • Finger test with power supply
  • V. Tester
  • Composite VAW meter
  • Digital Temperature Recorder
  • Indicators with thermocouple
  • Dimmer-stat
  • V. Isolator Transformer for Tester
  • Humidity Chamber
  • Endurance Test Apparatus
  • Screw Driver
  • Hot mandrel Test Apparatus
  • Resistance to Heat Test Apparatus
  • Meggar (Insulation Resistance)
  • Digital Milli/ Micro Ammeter
  • Timer / Timer Stopwatch
  • Leakage Current Apparatus
  • Test bench compressing of voltmeter, ammeter etc.

The following is a list of raw materials used in the electric steam iron-making business.

  • Soleplate Tefal Coated
  • Thermostat
  • Heating Elements (Tumblr)
  • Indicator lamp
  • Plastic body (handle, seat, water reservoir with transparent water level window, steam chamber)
  • Less wire with plug
  • Other items such as bolts, nuts, washers, terminals, etc.

The manufacturing process of Electric Steam Iron

Although almost all the activities are done in-house by companies making electric steam iron except plugs, wires, nuts, bolts, etc., but if the entrepreneur wants to start this business with a little little investment, then he can buy all the materials used in an electric steam iron made from the market. And by assembling these ingredients, you can make your earnings by preparing electric steam iron and selling it in the market.

For this, the entrepreneur must first buy the components of an electric steam iron from the market, then they have to inspect them through the equipment available to them, after meeting the inspection, they have to assemble them. When the assembling process is complete, the electric steam iron has to be checked once again. After checking, they can be packed and sold in the market and earn money.

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