Top 20+ Village Business Ideas to Start in India 2023

Top 20+ Village Business Ideas to Start in India
Top 20+ Village Business Ideas to Start in India 2023

By Village Business Ideas, we mean businesses that can be started in rural areas to earn money. Yes, as we all know that there is a much less population in rural areas compared to cities.

Therefore, not everyone can do business here like in cities. Apart from this, it is also a fact that the spending capacity of most people living in rural areas is much less than the of people living in cities.

And people living in rural areas prefer to spend only on some essential things or services, due to which there are limited business options here. However, there is no doubt that many businesses related to agriculture can be done in rural India. But the entrepreneur needs to supply his product to the cities.

That is to say, some village startup ideas are like this. Those who are beneficial to operate from rural areas, there are many businesses that are beneficial in terms of earnings to start only in the city. So today we are giving a list of some such village businesses startup ideas in this article, which can also be beneficial to start from rural areas.

Talking about rural business ideas related to villages also becomes important because most of the youth have to leave their village, home, world, family and go to work in the city to earn a livelihood.

But when they do not get the job they like, they are forced to do some work. Due to this, they repeatedly remember their village and search on the Internet about some businesses that can be easily started from the villages.

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Most Profitable Business in Rural Area in India

1. Flour Mill a Luxurious Village Business in India

In rural areas, where there used to be a watermill earlier, there are currently electric or fuel-powered flour mills. That is to say, this business called flour mill is therefore placed in the category of rural businesses.

Because we often see that the yield of wheat is higher in rural areas, so instead of buying flour from the public market here. They like to grind wheat in a flour mill. Therefore, any interested person in rural areas can start a flour mill business, the special thing about this business is that it can be easily started at a very low cost.

2. Hardware Store

This material is needed everywhere, whether urban or rural, so people who are thinking of doing business from their village can think of opening a hardware shop.

Since an entrepreneur running a hardware shop is selling nails, nuts, bolts, building materials, utensils, paints, agricultural tools and tools, cleaning materials, plumbing materials and other household items.

Products that are in demand in both urban and rural areas. Therefore, it is possible to earn in rural areas by doing this kind of business.

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3. Cloth Shop

Cloth is one of the most important needs of human beings, so the business of a cloth shop can also be done in rural areas. But the thing to note here is that urban people wear different fashion and village people wear different fashion clothes. Therefore, the entrepreneur should keep the same clothes in his shop to sell which are worn in the village.

To buy clothes for a clothing store, the entrepreneur can shop at once by visiting a cheap and famous market. Keep in mind that the entrepreneur will be able to buy good clothes at as cheap prices as possible. He will also make a profit from this business.

4. Tailoring can be a good Village Business

Talking about tailor work, it is included in the list of a traditional business. But tailor sewing can only be done by men or women who know how to sew clothes efficiently. To start the work of the tailor included in this list of village business, it is very important to get sewing work.

However, at present, even in rural areas, people prefer to wear and buy readymade garments. But despite this, many people are worried about their fittings and apart from this, tailors are likely to get plenty of work in school dress, wedding, etc. events in rural areas.

According to one figure, even in rural areas, women are more fond of sewing new clothes than men. Therefore, a tailor who knows how to sew clothes for both ladies and gents can earn money by doing this business even in rural areas.

5. Pickle Making Business

Since the ingredients used in making pickles in rural areas are easily available even at low prices. That’s because the entire raw material used to make pickles is based on agriculture. That is, you need mango, amla, carrot, lemon, green chillies, etc. to make pickles.

And apart from this, spices like cumin, garlic, ginger, turmeric, salt, chilli, etc. are all easily available in rural areas. However, even by adopting this, the entrepreneur will have to supply his products to the cities.

6. Tea Shop Business

As we all know that if we talk about rural areas, then every village or three to four villages together have a local market. From where the people living in that area buy the items used in their daily life. Tea pakoda can be traded in one such local market.

Since tea is a major beverage of India, it is sold a lot all over India. However, the entrepreneur can sell not only pakodas with tea, but also a variety of biscuits to his customers.

Complete information about the process of starting a tea shop is given in this article. Generally, it can be beneficial to start this business in a place where buses stop, or there is more movement of rural people. 

7. Stationery Shop

It can also be beneficial to implement this trade in the local market of the villages. Or it can be beneficial to start it near a school, college, university. However, this business is a business that once frozen, there is never a recession in it because it is a business related to the field of education.

And man can cut down on food, drink, living, tolerance, clothing, etc., but he cannot cut down on health and education. So if you are also serious about starting a stationery business, then definitely read our article written on it. 

8. Tractor rental business in villages

As we all know very well that the main occupation of most of the people living in rural areas is agriculture. The land is also more or less owned by everyone, but not everyone has enough money to buy a tractor to plough their fields.

However, in the villages of the hilly areas, it is almost impossible to plough with tractors because the roads here do not have access to the fields. And even if there is somewhere, the fields are terraced, so it is difficult to carry a tractor from one farm to another.

But in plain rural areas, it can be extremely beneficial. An entrepreneur can make people who own land but do not have a tractor as his customers.

9. Jaggery Making Business

This jaggery making business can be started in rural areas where sugarcane is mostly cultivated. Because sugarcane juice is required to make jaggery, although jaggery is also made from pomegranate juice, palm juice, etc. But jaggery made from sugarcane juice is more in vogue, so if you also want to start this business from rural areas.

So choose an area where sugarcane is cultivated in reasonable quantity so that the raw material for this business can be available in appropriate quantity and at cheap prices.

As far as the method of making jaggery is concerned. Short term courses are offered by various Government of India undertakings such as National Small Industries Corporation and Khadi Village Industries. The entrepreneur can also get information from his nearest District Industries Center.

10. Soap Making Business

Training in soap making can also be taken from a government institution such as NSIC or Khadi Village Industries Center. The entrepreneur cannot start this business without acquiring skills. That is to say, to bring this business to the ground, the entrepreneur needs to learn the skill of making soap.

An entrepreneur can easily learn the work of making soap by taking a few weeks of training. Since soap is used in both urban and rural areas, the entrepreneur can sell the produced product in the village as well. And can supply the remaining products to the cities. You can read this article to know the complete process of soap making business.

11. Dairy Suitable Village Business in India

Since animal husbandry is also done mainly in rural areas, milk-producing animals like cows, buffaloes etc. are mainly made a part of it. So if you are thinking of starting a business from a village, then dairy business can also be suitable.

In this, the entrepreneur will have to take milk from milk producing farmers and supply it to the people living in nearby areas, and from the remaining milk, make other items sold in the dairy such as yogurt, cheese, ghee etc.

12. Goat and Poultry Farming

Animal husbandry is a common business in the list of village businesses. Goat rearing and rearing of chickens are mainly used to produce meat, although humans have been hunting wild animals for meat since ancient times. But because of the ever-decreasing population of wild animals at present, strict rules have become laws to protect it.

Therefore, now man rears goat and poultry to meet the requirements of meat, meat. Talking about rural areas, farmers do this business as a single ancillary occupation along with agriculture. So that they can earn some income by selling them.

13. Banana Farming Business

The demand for bananas in India remains for twelve months, yes it is also a fact that the demand for some bananas is less in winter, but in winter, the demand for bananas is not at all.

Since fasting and rituals are performed by people even in winter, the demand for bananas remains. So if you have land in rural areas or you can take land on lease or lease, then you can start banana farming.

14. Flower Farming Business

Floriculture can be started in both plains and hilly rural areas, as we all know that at present, the custom of offering a bouquet of flowers, garlands, etc. in every happy sorrow is very prevalent. Apart from this, a lot of flowers are needed for auspicious occasions like marriage, anniversary, birthday, etc.

So if you are looking for a business that can be started with less investment, then you can start a flower farming business.

15. Mobile Repair Shop

We can see and feel the utility of mobile in our homes, neighborhoods as a direct example of how much the utility of mobile has increased in human life. And if we talk about today’s time, then the number of adult members in a household has the same number of mobile phones available.

That’s because mobile phones have become an important part of human life today. Since people living in rural India also have mobile phones available, it can be beneficial to start a business of mobile recharge and repair there.

16. Aloe Vera Farming Business

Aloe vera is being used by various companies in the manufacture of various cosmetic beauty products and health products. This is the reason that its demand is constantly increasing, many companies that use aloe vera in making various medicines and cosmetics guarantee farmers to buy this product.

That is, agreements or contracts are made by these companies with aloe vera producing farmers. Therefore, this business is completely free from risk, the entrepreneur can contract with a good company before starting aloe vera farming. By doing this, the entrepreneur is free from where he will sell his product and his focus is only on increasing production.

17. Fruit and Vegetable Shop

Fruits and vegetables are needed by every human being in their daily life, so it is not necessary that fruits and vegetables will be sold only in the city.

Rather, the people living in rural areas also buy fruits and vegetables in good quantities. This purchase increases further at various events and events. So if you are serious about starting a business from the village, then you can also earn money by starting a fruit and vegetable shop.

18. Mutton Shop Business

Since people in rural areas do more physical work, they are also very fond of eating and drinking and their body also needs meat, chicken. That is to say, one thing is common among people living in rural areas that even if they do not spend on clothes or other hobbies, they definitely spend on food like meat and chickens.

This is the reason that meat chicken shops run very well even in rural areas. If you also want to start a business with less investment from a rural area, then this business can be very beneficial in terms of earnings.

But in this, the entrepreneur should also have the habit of living in a little bit of dirt and smell because no matter how clean you keep in such shops. But there is a little bit of dirt and smell.

19. Barber Shop Business

The barber shop option can also be very good as a survival business. But not everyone can start this kind of business, because it requires a special skill to start. That is, anyone who wants to do this business from rural areas should know how to cut hair and shave based on the latest style.

Since there are only a limited number of customers in rural areas, it can be harmful to do this work by employing a person.

Most of the businesses related to rural areas are like this. Under which the entrepreneur has to do the work himself, only then he is able to reach the position of making a profit. The business of the barber shop is also such that in this too, the entrepreneur will have to cut the beard and hair of the customers by becoming a barber himself.

20. Common Service Centre (CSC Evergreen Village Business)

In order to digitize India, people were encouraged by the Government of India to open common service centers. This is the reason that today millions of Common Service Centers are working in India, through which people can apply for PAN card, passport, voter ID card, etc. At the same time, you can also make cards of many schemes of the Government of India such as Ayushman Card etc.

That is to say, the Government has been given the responsibility of giving benefits directly to the people of government schemes to the Common Service Center. In return, common service centers can charge people the fees fixed by the government. So if you are educated and have the knowledge to run a basic computer, then you can start a common service center in rural areas as a village business.

21. Photocopy and lamination (Photocopy)

Photocopy book binding and lamination is also required in rural areas because school children are also here, people have worked in block tehsils etc.

However, if this kind of shop is close to a bank, school, government office, etc., then it is very beneficial. If this is not the case, then the entrepreneur should take some decision only after assessing the demand of the local people.

22. Electronics Repairing Shop

If we talk about television, then at present every house whether it is a city or a village, there is a television, so this work of fixing the television can be started anywhere. But the fact is that this business can also be started only by a person who is tasked with fixing television and electronic devices.

If a person wishing to start such a business does not find it useful, then he can work in such a repair shop for the first few months or complete a short-term course related to it. But keep in mind that this village business idea is only for those who know this work well and they have experience of doing this work.

23. Ration Dealer Business

It is also very popular in rural areas, because the business of a food distributor i.e. ration dealer is very beneficial in rural areas. Because it has often been seen that such people whose ration comes but they are not able to take their ration due to being out of the village.

Ration dealers running cheap street shops used to sell such rations to customers at slightly higher prices, which earned them a lot of money. But at present, biometrics are being used to give rations.

Apart from this, ration dealers also keep groceries in their shop, so that when people come to get ration, they also take home items like tea leaves, pulses, biscuits etc. But the license of the ration dealer is available only to one person in a certain area, so first of all the entrepreneur needs to get information about this from the state food department.

24. Open Shop in Weekly Market

In rural areas, this village business idea can be given importance because in rural areas, there are very few big markets where they can get the goods used in their daily life at reasonable rates. Therefore, the local vendors available there or the vendors belonging to a large market decide to set up a weekly market in such an area.

It is generally seen that in rural areas, such weekly markets are very crowded, so regular shopping leads to good sales here.

But keep in mind that where the weekly market is organized, this event is organized by a registered licensed contractor, so all the shopkeepers selling their goods in the weekly market have to pay 200-300 rupees on a day-to-day basis.Therefore, it is also a very profitable business in rural business ideas.

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