How to Start T-Shirt Printing Business in India in 2023?

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Start T-Shirt Printing Business in 2023

T-shirt printing business – This is a business that can be started easily with very little investment. However, this business is more successful in metro cities because if there is more commercial activity in such areas, then commercial units are also more, which is why every unit organizes a variety of programs on different occasions, in which the employees associated with that unit are planned to wear the same T-shirt.

Apart from this, distributing T-shirts etc. in the name of some companies to employees and other people associated with their business is also part of their marketing. Due to companies i.e. business reasons, people can also print on T-shirts due to their personal preference. This is the reason that at present this T-shirt printing business is also flourishing well in cities.

How to Start T Shirt Printing Business at home?

In the initial stage, the entrepreneur can start from a small place or even a room in the house. And in the beginning, entrepreneur can print small size to medium size T-shirts in a small machine that costs between 13000-15000 rupees. The special thing is that with the help of this machine, the entrepreneur can print on the T-shirt as well as mug printing. And later, if needed, you can also buy a big t-shirt printing machine.

The cost of which is a few thousand more than the small machine, that is, this big machine of this kind will be easily available to the entrepreneur for 25-30 thousand. So let’s know what steps the entrepreneur may need to take to start this business on a small scale.

1. Assess the earning potential of the business:

Keep in mind that the decision to do business should never be taken on the basis of someone’s observation, which is to say that the entrepreneur should not take the decision to do business just because such a person is earning a lot of money by doing that kind of business.

Rather, the decision to do business should be started keeping in mind the need of that particular product or service in that particular place or area.

As far as T-shirt printing is concerned, it is not a business related to the absolute need of human beings, so it is not true that there will be equal earning opportunities at every location.

This is the reason that before starting this business, the entrepreneur must assess its earning potential in the particular location where he wants to start this business.

In this business, mainly the entrepreneur’s customers can be youth, schools, companies, offices and other educational institutions, customized T-shirts are also used for gifting.

That is to say, it can be beneficial to start this business in a location where schools, companies, offices and other business institutions are more.

2. Decide the location for the T-shirt printing business:

As we have also mentioned in the above sentence, since there is no possibility of any kind of pollution from this business, so in the initial stage, the entrepreneur can start it from his home room.

Since to start this business, the entrepreneur first has to assess the earning potential of this business in that particular area, so now the second step should be for the entrepreneur to make his business location in a room in his house or a shop outside.

However, if the entrepreneur has a little space outside his house from where he can start his business, then the entrepreneur can make the same place his business location, but if this is not the case, then this business can be operated from any room of the house in the initial stages.

3. Local Rules Licensing and Registration:

Although the entrepreneur does not need any kind of license and registration to start this business from a very small level in the initial stage, but the entrepreneur can register his business by selecting one of the various business entities.

In addition, the business owner must review any local regulations that apply to that location and do not call for a licence from the municipal corporation or similar authorization.

Yes, if the entrepreneur wants to provide his service in schools, companies and other institutions, then the entrepreneur may need to register tax in the name of his unit.

4. Buy necessary machinery equipment and raw materials:

Now that the entrepreneur has taken three necessary steps to do this business, now the next step should be to buy the machinery, equipment and raw materials used in this business. To buy such machinery equipment and raw materials, the entrepreneur can find a seller from websites like Just Dial and India Mart. The list of machinery and equipment used in this business is as follows.

  • A laptop or computer which can cost from Rs.15000-28000.
  • A sublimation printer which can cost up to Rs.8000-12000.
  • T Shirt Printing Machine which can cost up to Rs.13000-20000.
  • Graphic software such as Corel Draw or Photoshop which can cost up to Rs 7000-10000.

It is clear from the above figures that the minimum cost of machinery and equipment coming in this business is up to Rs.41000-70000, if the entrepreneur already has a laptop or computer and any graphic software in it, then the cost of machinery and equipment can be reduced further.

The list of raw materials used in this business is as follows.

  • The price of a piece of 100 papers is 7 rupees, this packet of 100 papers can be found for up to 350 rupees.
  • A Teflon sheet may vary depending on its price measurement, but a 3mm Thickness and 300MM×300MM Size Teflon sheet can cost up to Rs.465.
  • Although these types of t-shirts are also available in the market at expensive prices, but for the t-shirt printing business, the entrepreneur should buy a t-shirt ranging from Rs.60 to Rs.90.

5. Start a T-shirt printing business:

Now that the entrepreneur has arranged the machinery, equipment and raw materials for his T-shirt printing business, now the entrepreneur can easily start printing in T-shirts. The T-shirt printing process is as easy as the mug printing process, yet here we briefly describe this process.

  • To print in a T-shirt, the entrepreneur first has to create the design that he wants to print on the T-shirt with the help of graphic software in his computer or laptop.
  • After the design is ready, a mirror print is taken on the sublimation paper of that design.
  • When the print is taken out, the T-shirt printing machine is switched on and given a certain temperature such as 340° set.
  • After setting the temperature, it may take 4-6 minutes for the printing machine to reach the set temperature.
  • When the temperature of the machine reaches the set temperature, a sound starts coming from the machine, which means that the machine is ready for printing.
  • Now the blank T-shirt is laid on the table placed in front of the machine, it is worth noting that the part of the T-shirt should be on the side of the machine on which the entrepreneur has to print.
  • After this, the printed sublimation paper is placed on top of the t-shirt and the machine is pressed on it, leaving the machine in the same position for about 25-35 seconds. And after that the machine is removed from it and the t-shirt is taken out and the peel outside of the sublimation paper is removed, thus this process of t-shirt printing is completed in this business.

Expense & Income in T-Shirt Printing

The estimated cost of starting this business must have been estimated by the respected readers by reading this article, but once again we would like to mention the estimated cost by including the cost of raw materials including raw materials (in which we have included the price of 100 Blank T-shirts). Can start between 80000.

As far as estimated earnings are concerned, however, the price of the T-shirt to be sold will determine the price at which the entrepreneur has bought the blank T-shirt. Suppose the entrepreneur has bought a blank T-shirt for his business at the rate of Rs.65 per T-shirt, then the cost of printing this T-shirt can be up to 6-8 rupees, depending on this, a T-shirt of 65 + 8 = 73 rupees is required by the entrepreneur, but this type of printing T-shirt is easily sold in the market for Rs.125-200.

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