How to Start Washbasin Manufacturing Business in 2023?

How to Start Washbasin Manufacturing Business -
How to Start Washbasin Manufacturing Business in 2023?

The wash basin is used for washing hands, mouth, and toothbrushing. This is the reason that they are used extensively not only in homes but also in offices and public toilets. In any building, whether it is a commercial building or someone’s house, many wash basins need to be installed.

Well, we do not need to tell you much about the wash basin because you will also use it both in the office and at home to do your daily tasks. Not only this but whenever you need to go on a small doubt while traveling or staying out of the house. So immediately after that, you will use the wash basin to wash your hands.

If we talk about wash basins, then it comes under the category of ceramic sanitary ware and they are generally used for the purposes of cleanliness and hygiene. Ceramics is a material that has a variety of properties such as weathering, chemical erosion, mechanical strength, and resistance to abrasion.

But nowadays, talking about sanitary ware, they are not only made from ceramic materials but are also made from many other materials. Despite this, washbasins made of ceramic are better and more economical than washbasins made of other materials.

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Many features of ceramic washbasins such as abrasion resistance, availability in different colors, and glossy surfaces make them quite popular among society. This is the reason why people mostly prefer to buy washbasins made of ceramic.

Use and Market of Washbasin

Now is not the same day as before that you have to take lota to the courtyard of the house to wash your hands or brush your teeth. Although such a scene can still be seen in rural India, but in cities, people need every facility inside the house. Generally, washbasin is used while washing hands and brushing teeth.

But washbasins are used not only in homes but in all types of buildings to maintain cleanliness and cleanliness. Therefore, the use of washbasins can be seen in all places like home, office, hospital, school, shopping mall cinema, theater, etc.

Not only this, now every type of residential or other building built in rural India has also started using washbasins. This is the reason why it is expected that their demand will increase even more in the future.

The population of India is constantly increasing and apart from this, due to the disintegration of joint families, people are also needing to build new houses. Therefore, many new residential colonies are being built every year in the country.

Due to the increasing population, schools, colleges, hospitals, cinemas, shopping malls, markets, etc. are being needed, due to which the demand for washbasins is constantly increasing in the market.

Places to Start a Wash Basin Construction Business

Entrepreneurs who are considering starting their own washbasin manufacturing business. They need a large space to do this work. That is because this product needs to be stored well, so that there is no breakdown due to any pressure, etc.  

Apart from this, where it is being built, a large space is also required. That is to say, when the entrepreneur is doing an industrial setup, he needs separate store rooms to store the raw materials and store the goods produced.

Not only the store room but many machinery are installed in it to operate a factory so that the production work can be completed from that machinery. And all these machinery is powered by electricity, so the entrepreneur may also have to create an electric room and security room.

Before sending the product to the market, many types of office work such as accounting of raw materials, cost of goods produced and making bills etc. need to be done, so a small office is also required to be set up in the factory premises.

In this way, the entrepreneur may need about 5500 square feet of space to set up a washbasin making factory. However, the entrepreneur can start such a business by renting a built-up building at any affordable place away from the city. Whose rent we can run here for Rs.40000 per month.

License/Registration for Wash Basin Construction

To start any business in India, first of all, it has to be registered with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs. So to start this business, the entrepreneur may need many types of registration and licenses, the list of which is as follows.   

  • As a business registration, the entrepreneur can register under one of the proprietorship firms, partnership firms, one-person companies, private limited companies, etc.
  • One can create a PAN card in the name of the business and open a current account in the bank.
  • Gst registration can be done as a tax registration.
  • One can get a trade license from a local authority such as a municipal corporation, municipality, etc.
  • The business can be registered under the Factories Act.
  • The enterprise can register to take advantage of the schemes made for MSMEs.
  • If the entrepreneur wants to sell the washbasin under his brand name then he can also do trademark registration for brand safety. 

There are a lot of these licenses that can also be done completely online. Due to ease of doing business by the government, many licenses and registrations have been made online.

Machinery and raw materials for making wash basin

Not just the washbasin, but you are starting any manufacturing business. For that you need raw materials and machinery. But the question often asked by people is where they can buy machinery and raw materials. So let us tell you that at present, the manufacturing of industrial machinery and equipment has also started in India.

Therefore, machinery and equipment that make a lot of things are easily available in the big cities of India. But before buying machinery and raw materials, procedures such as ordering quotations, comparative analysis, negotiation, and then selecting the final supplier must be completed. So let’s know what kind of machinery is used in the construction of washbasins.

  • Ball mill with porcelain lining and grinding media which can cost around Rs.1.5 lakh.
  • Azitator which can cost up to around Rs.50000.
  • Slurry pump which can cost up to around Rs.3 lakh.
  • Magnetic separator which can cost up to around Rs.4.2 lakh.
  • Complete spray booth with air compressor, spray gun, etc. which can cost up to around Rs.70000.
  • Laboratory equipment for testing which can cost up to around Rs.30000.
  • Shuttle furnaces, ceramic fiber lines, oil fired which can cost around Rs.40000.
  • Oil storage tank and pre-heating system which can cost up to around Rs.50000. 
  • Slurry containers, drawing racks and working tables that can cost up to around Rs.30000.

Now in this way, to start a washbasin manufacturing business, Rs.11.4 lakh only needs to be spent on the purchase of machinery and equipment. The list of raw materials is as follows.

  • Ceramic
  • Ball Clay/Fire Clay
  • Felspar Powder
  • Plaster of Paris (POP)
  • Various colors and other chemicals
  • Packaging Materials 

Staff required for wash basin construction

To manufacture the washbasin, about 30 kWh of electricity may be required to operate the above-mentioned machines, in addition, the entrepreneur may also have to employ a number of employees to operate his factory successfully.

  • Skilled unskilled workers – 8
  • Helpers – 4
  • Supervisor – 2
  • Salesman – 2
  • Manager – 1
  • Accountant – 1 

To operate this business well, the entrepreneur may need to hire at least 18-20 employees to complete various tasks.

How is the washbasin constructed?

Washbasins of any size can be easily constructed with the above-mentioned machinery and raw materials. Generally, from where the entrepreneur is buying machinery and raw materials, he can get free training in this process. The brief process of making a washbasin is as follows.

  • First, materials are prepared to structure the washbasin, which in this process is known as slip preparation.
  • After the slip preparation is done, the casting of the plaster mold is done, that is, here the body of the washbasin is prepared with the help of a mold.
  • After the casting process, the process of drawing i.e. drying it is started, it is dried so that it takes a hard form.
  • When the drawing process is complete, then the material is applied to the washbasin to give it a shine. This process is called glaze application.
  • After applying the glaze on the washbasin, the process of drying it is started. And when it dries up, the firing process is completed.
  • Finally, after completing the process of sorting and packaging, it is ready for sale in the market.

How much will the washbasin construction business cost?

The cost involved in the construction business of the washbasin mainly depends on the production capacity with which the entrepreneur wants to start such a business. Here we are going with the concept of a washbasin factory, in which the entrepreneur will build about 80 washbasins by working 12 hours a day.

  • Cost Details Cost in Rupees
  • Cost of purchase of machinery equipment Rs.11.4 lakh
  • Three months rent Rs.1.20 lakh
  • Cost of furniture fixing etc. Rs.2.5 lakh
  • Working cost including salary, raw material Rs.5.5 lakh
  • Total cost Rs.20.6 lakh
  • Investment in Washbasin Manufacturing

It is clear from the data that to set up a washbasin making industry, the entrepreneur needs to spend about Rs.20.6 lakh, which does not include civil and construction costs.

How much will the washbasin industry earn?

The earnings from this washbasin manufacturing business also depend on many factors. Suppose the washbasin is built by the entrepreneur, but he fails to sell them. So in this situation, the entrepreneur will not be able to earn anything from this business.

But we can only guess here that whatever goods are being produced in the entrepreneur’s factory, the entrepreneur is successful in selling it. So in this situation, the entrepreneur can earn a net profit of about Rs.5.5 lakh in the first year from this business.

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