How to Start Door Closer Manufacturing Business in 2023?

It becomes important to talk about the business of making door closures i.e. door closure manufacturing business, because nowadays their use has started increasing a lot.

Where till a few years ago, the use of door closures was seen only in office and business buildings, today people have started using them in the doors of their homes as well.

And as we all know that in a populous country like India, thousands of millions of buildings and houses are being built every day. In such a situation, the demand for door closure has also increased a lot.

The use of door closures has become almost mandatory to maintain the temperature in the rooms of schools, offices, hospitals, homes, etc. Since it is powered by a hydraulic cylinder, the door closes automatically when a person opens the door.

In summer, offices, hospitals, schools and other buildings need to run air conditioners, and in winter, hot air requires running blowers or heaters. In such a situation, door closures prove to be helpful in maintaining the temperature of the room.

Perhaps this is the reason that nowadays door closures are being used in the doors of almost all houses, buildings. In such a situation, an interested entrepreneur can consider setting up his own Door Closer Manufacturing Unit.

What is door closure?

A door closure is a mechanical device that is mounted on doors so that it closes the doors automatically. When the door is pushed open by a person, then the door closure closes the open door automatically.

There are many types of door closures available in the market, but their main job is to close the door automatically. So that the temperature of the room can be maintained.

This door closure uses at least one closing spring, a piston device to automatically close the door. It closes the door automatically in a controlled manner, the door closing speed can be increased or decreased through door closure.

In a commercial building, the building’s fire alarm system can also be connected to the door closure. In such a situation, it is natural that door closure has already been used in commercial buildings. But now people have started using them on the doors of houses and other buildings.

Space required for door closure factory/building

To start his own business, any entrepreneur needs land and building. There are some businesses that require a crowded location.

But to start a business of making door closures, the entrepreneur does not need a crowded place. In such a situation, the entrepreneur can also arrange a place to start such a business in a location where rent or land is cheap.

Since an industrial setup also requires room for installing various power equipment such as generators, UPS and power appliances and panels. And not only this, separate rooms or sections are required for storage, separate for manufacturing, separate rooms or sections for office work.

In this way, the entrepreneur may need at least 1800-2000 square feet of space to start a door closure manufacturing factory.

In the initial stage, the entrepreneur should start this business by renting a built-up building. The monthly rent can range between Rs.35000-40000.

Permission/License to Start Door Closure Factory

You all know that many types of registration and licenses can be required to start any business legally in India.

Entrepreneurs who want to start their own door closure factory may also have to get a variety of licenses and registrations, the list of which is as follows.

  • You can register the name of your company by searching from the official website of the Ministry of Corporate Affairs. 
  • After that, the entrepreneur needs to register his business under one of the proprietorship firms, one person companies, partnership firms, etc.  
  • There is a need to create a PAN card in the name of the business and open a current account in the bank.
  • GST registration is required for tax-related work.
  • The construction of the door closure must conform to ISI standards, so it may also require a BIS license.
  • A trade license or factory license from the local authority may also be required.
  • Enterprise registration may also be required to take advantage of various government schemes as micro, small, medium enterprises.
  • Apart from this, NOC may also be required from the Fire and Pollution Department.  
  • If the entrepreneur wants to sell the door closure under his own brand name, then he also needs to register a trademark to protect the brand name.

Machinery and equipment for making door closures

The list of machinery and equipment used in this business (Door Closer Manufacturing) is as follows.

  • A metal shaping light lathe machine is used which can cost around Rs.4 lakh.
  • A drill machine is used to drill a round hole on the metal which can cost up to Rs.95000.
  • The bench grinder is used to sharpen and grind a variety of tools, it can cost up to around Rs.75000.
  • Bench wise machine which can cost around Rs.60000.
  • A stumping press machine is used to give the metal the desired shape and to cut it, which can cost around Rs.5 lakh.
  • Spray paint gun which is used to paint, varnish, etc. on metal can cost up to Rs.25000.
  • Other equipment that is not included in this list may require the entrepreneur to spend around Rs.50000 to buy.

It is clear from the above list that to start a door closure business, the entrepreneur will need to spend about Rs.12.05 lakh only on machinery and equipment.

Raw materials for making door closures 

The list of raw materials for making door closure is as follows.

  • Non-porous metal body
  • Plates made of metal
  • Springs
  • Nuts and Valves
  • Lac and Pinion Assembly
  • Washer
  • Hydraulux Paint
  • Main Arms and Adjusting Arm
  • Bearings and Hydraulic Oil 

Manufacturing Process of Door Closer

Casting is used to prepare the primary body of the door closure, this casting produces a non-porous substance.

Since a metal mixed with aluminium and iron is considered suitable for casting or shaping. Therefore, this metal is generally used in the manufacture of door closures. The process of creating a door closure is completed in the following steps.

  • First, the raw materials used to make door closures are purchased from the market, and then verified based on the size and shape of the door closure.
  • After that the body of this metal is tested through pressure and the grinding process is completed to improve its surface.
  • Now according to the design and shape of the door closure, its metal body is assembled along with its other components such as spring, nut bolt, valve, rack, washer, pinion assembly etc.
  • After this process, the greasing and oiling process of the part of the door closure that is repeatedly moved is done.
  • When the door closure is fully ready, the company name or brand name is stumped on it.
  • After stumping the company or brand name, the painting process is completed with the help of a paint spray gun on the door closure to give it the desired color. And when the product is dry, it is ready for packaging.  

Cost of starting a door closure business

The cost of starting a door closure business is as follows.

Details of expenses Expenses in Rupees

Three months rent Rs.120000 at rent of 40000 per month

Cost of buying plant and machinery Rs.12.05 lakh

Furniture and fixing expenses Rs.90000

Working cost of salary, raw material etc. Rs.6.3 lakh

Total cost Rs.20.45 lakh

This business (Door Closer Manufacturing Business) can earn a net profit of up to Rs.5.5 lakh in its first year itself.

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