Solar Panel Business in India: How to Start a Solar Panel Business with Government?

Solar Panel Business in India
Solar Panel Business in India

Solar Panel Business in India: The field of solar energy in India is completely empty right now, so the government is also promoting solar energy keeping in mind the environment. The benefit of this is that they get 24-hour electricity facility for less money. 

The problem of power cuts is more in rural areas. And in cities, people are troubled due to high electricity bill prices. In such a situation, solar panels are the only option to solve this problem. 

This can be a business opportunity for you. If you are looking for such a business. If you give good profits in the future, then the business of solar panels can be better for you.

In this article, we are going to give you detailed information about the solar panel business, so read this article in full, in this article we are going to tell you how to start a solar panel business, how to start a solar panel business, how to plan a solar energy business and how to set up a solar energy plant.

At present, given the Corona period, no company in the country is in the mood to give jobs. Due to this, the unemployment rate in the country is increasing rapidly. In such a situation, people are looking for a new business to run their homes.

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In such a situation, if you are also unemployed and looking for a new business. So in such a situation, you can start the business of solar panels. which information we are providing for you in this article. 

To promote solar panels in the country, the government of the country also started the Solar Power Scheme, through which any youth can start his business and earn money. In such a situation, you can also earn by joining this scheme. Or you can also earn money by installing a solar plant and supplying electricity through it.  

Why is Solar Energy the future of Business?

Due to rising electricity prices and high power cuts in rural areas, the demand for solar panels is increasing rapidly. Not many people are aware of it right now, but in the coming time, due to the rising prices of electricity, people will be more aware of it.  Due to this, the business of solar panels will grow rapidly. 

At the same time, according to the WTO, the country has set a target of generating 20 thousand MW to 1 lakh MW of solar energy by 2022. Apart from this, India has set a target of generating 40% of electricity from non-fossil fuel sources under the Paris Climate Agreement by 2030. 

Solar panel energy is also being promoted in the country under the Make in India mission. In such a situation, you can guess how much the business of solar panels can be a beneficial deal for you. 

The government is also promoting the Solar Panel business because, through this business, a large number of employment opportunities are opened for the youth. 

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What are Solar Panels?

Solar panels are a type of device through which electricity is generated from the sun’s sunlight. Which you can use in your home. Solar panels are formed by connecting small cells.  

As soon as sunlight falls on them, they convert that light into current or electricity with the help of that cells, many such cells come together to form a large solar panel. 

Solar Panel Products 

In view of the increasing rates of electricity at the present time, many types of solar panel products have come into the market. Which has a lot of demand in the market. In such a situation, you can earn at least one lakh rupees a month by selling these products.

  • Solar PV, 
  • Solar Attic Fan,
  • Solar Thermal System,
  • Solar Cooling System 
  • Solar Mobile Charger, 
  • Solar Water Heater, 
  • Solar pump, 
  • Solar Lights 

How to Start Solar Panel Business in India?

You have different types of ways to do business with solar panels. You can choose according to your budget. 

How to do business by taking franchises from solar panel companies?

If you have a good budget, then you can start your business by taking franchises from companies that manufacture solar panels. You can earn profits by selling solar panels to more and more customers. In this, you get more profit.

There are many big companies in the country that are looking to build more and more stores in the cities. In such a situation, you can start your business by contacting those companies and joining them. 

To get a franchise from any solar panel-making company, you have to register yourself. You also have to pay a charge to register, which can range from thousands to lakhs.

Those companies charge you a lot because those companies already have a name in the market.  People like to buy only by looking at their product name. Therefore, you do not need to spend money on marketing after taking the franchise of these companies.  Because the company markets its own product. 

They just have to look for the nearest store for the customer to reach their product to the people.  Therefore, these companies also do business by opening their stores in different cities by giving franchises to other people and giving opportunities to other people too. 

If you have a budget of 10 to 15 lakh rupees, then you can earn big money by taking franchises from solar panel companies. 

Apart from this, it is mandatory for you to get your own GST number for your store. For marketing the product, you get a dealer certificate, sales manager, shopper board, T-shirt, etc. from the company. 

Do business by installing a solar plant

Solar Panel business, Solar Power Scheme has been started by the Modi Government to promote solar panel energy in the country. You can start your business by installing a solar plant in any kind of vacant space and generating electricity and supplying it. 

The central government is also providing loans for this work, which you can take advantage of. To start this business, you have to contact the government companies providing electricity in your area and get a license from them.

After getting a license from the power companies, the investment for setting up a solar plant will be 60-80 thousand rupees per kilowatt. You can trade only up to 500 kW of electricity in this work, not more than that. 

According to experts, you only need to change the battery in 10 years. Apart from this, it is also very easy to shift this plant from one place to another. 

A one-kilowatt solar panel can easily run the electricity expenses of a house. If there is air conditioning, you will need two kilowatts. 

At present, this facility is available in Chhattisgarh, Punjab, Rajasthan, and Madhya Pradesh. Other states will have to wait a little longer for this. 

How to become a solar panel distributor?

If you have a good budget, then you can also start your business by becoming a distributor of solar panels. To get distributorship from solar panel companies, you have to invest at least 6 to 7 lakh rupees.

The company charges about one lakh rupees for its fees. But in this, you will also have more profits, in this way, you can earn thousands of rupees to millions of rupees a month. 

Start a business by becoming a solar maintenance advisor 

If you are interested in technical-related work, then you can also start a business by becoming a solar consultant. People want to get good information about solar plants before installing solar panels. In such a situation, you can also become a technician by getting good information about fixing the solar panel. 

In today’s time, diploma or certificate courses ranging from 6 months to one year related to solar panels are also available. By doing this you can get information about it and earn money by joining solar panel companies as a technician or opening your own technician shop. 

How to become a solar energy company agent in order to sell solar panels?

If you do not have much budget to do business in the field of solar panels, then you can also earn money by becoming an agent of solar panel companies. You need to spend only 5 to 10 thousand rupees to get started.

After that you can earn by selling the company’s products, whatever products you sell, you will get the same commission from the company. 

If you sell two to three products a day, then you can easily earn at least 20 to 30 thousand rupees a month. 

Solar Panel Companies Solar Panel Companies in India

There are many solar panel companies in the country with which you can start a business. We are telling you the names of some companies from which you can become their dealer by taking a franchise. 

  • India Solar Energy 
  • Loom Solar Private Limited 
  • Ecomm Tele Limited 
  • Moser Ber Solar Ltd. 
  • Websol Energy Systems Limited

What did you learn about Solar Panel Business in this article?

In this article, we have told you about the low-budget business related to solar panels to high budgets, you can choose the same business model of the same solar panel as your wish.  

In this article, we have told you how to start a solar panel business, how to start a solar panel business, how to set up a solar energy plant, how to set up a solar energy plant, and how to plan a solar energy business. 

If you liked this information related to the solar panel business, then you must tell us your opinion in the comment box, if you have any kind of questions about this business, then you can ask us your questions through the comment. We will help you fully.

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