11 Simple Ways to Starting a Popcorn Business in India in 2024

Simple Ways to Starting a Popcorn Business in India -
How to start a popcorn business?

Starting a popcorn business in India is the best business to start with a very low investment. Popcorn is one of the most consumed snacks in the world. Children or old, female or male “popcorn” are quite popular among everyone.

As far as its business is concerned, the business of popcorn has been done for many years. It is eaten in almost all countries.

At present, the popcorn business plan in India is very popular in the cities of India, but its traders are rarely able to reach the villages. It is not that the popularity of popcorn in the village is low.

What is Popcorn?

Popcorn is a kind of snack, which almost everyone likes. Popcorn is made from corn grains. Yes, when corn grains are hot, they start to flower, which is what popcorn does. 

Earlier it was sold in the market without spices, but then gradually people started adding different flavors to it, now it is sold in many flavors.

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How to Start a popcorn business?

Who does not like to eat popcorn, everyone from adults to old likes to eat it. Popcorn is a dish that people can eat anytime, whether watching a movie in a theater, watching a stage show or going somewhere. 

Eating it does not affect your health, so people like to eat it more. Now if people like to eat it more, then those doing business will have benefited a lot from it. 

You can also take advantage of this by doing business in the easy way mentioned in our article. So let us give you information about starting this business.

Market Research For Popcorn Making Business

Before starting a popcorn business, you have to make a list of how many cinema halls are in your city and where they are.

What are the crowded areas in your city?

What other people are doing popcorn-making business in your city?

Different flavors of popcorn

Cheese Popcorn: – Cheese is mainly used in this type of popcorn. Which is very tasty to eat.

Tomato flavored popcorn: Tomato flavor popcorn is prepared by mixing tomato flavor.

Green Popcorn: Green popcorn-flavored spinach is made from spinach.

More such flavored popcorn is available in the market these days. People earn a lot of money from doing business.

How to Start a Popcorn Business?

BusinessPopcorn Business
Cost (Raw Material)Rs.250 -Rs.500+/Daily
Business CategoryFood and Beverage
Main IngredientsMaize Seeds
Investment (total)Rs.8000 to Rs.20000+
Suitable PlaceCrowded place

11 Ways to Start a Popcorn Business in India

The popcorn business can be started in 2 ways, the first of which is to start it on a small scale by setting up stalls in the village area. Or if you want, you can earn better profits by doing this business on a large scale near theaters and malls.

1. Need for Space in Popcorn Making Business

To start a popcorn business, you have to choose the best place. So let us tell you that for this you will need at least 300 to 400 square feet of space. And it would be better if you take this place to the cinema hall in the market area. 

In the place where you are going to start this business, keep in mind that there should be a good arrangement of electricity and water. Along with this, the place should also be such that the transport system is good.

And you can start a popcorn business from home also.

2. Demand for Popcorn Making Business

The demand for popcorn is high in big malls or cinema halls. Popcorn is sold in a variety of flavors there. In such a situation, its market is growing rapidly. If you bring your own business to its market, it will definitely benefit you. People are very fond of eating popcorn of different flavors. Therefore, in this, you have to pay more attention to making and selling popcorn with different flavors, so that people are attracted to you.

3. Ingredients required for popcorn-making business

The most important ingredients in the business of making popcorn are corn grains. Apart from this, you will need salt, oil or ghee, popcorn flavoring ingredients, chaat masala or garam masala, and bags or polythene etc. for packing. You will find all these important things very easily in the market. You can contact the farmer directly for corn grain.

4. Machinery For Popcorn Making Business

As far as popcorn-making machines are concerned, there are different types of popcorn-making machines in the market. It also has machines that use LPG gas.

One should choose a machine thinking of the production capacity and the resources accessible to it. Even when choosing a popcorn machine check if the machine can inflate corn grains. 

Not only this, a weighing machine is needed to weigh popcorn. However, there are some firms like Prestige, etc, which have allowed making homemade popcorn using a popcorn maker.

5. Popcorn Manufacturing Process

The process of making popcorn using a popcorn machine is very simple. If the owner buys maize directly from farmers, he can get more profit. For this, the person should mainly separate the corn grains from the corn and then dry them thoroughly in the sun. 

Once the grain is dry, the impurities of these corn grains such as corn hair will be removed. Ghee and salt will then be added to the machine’s heating section following that.

Later the corn kernels are poured so that the grain is transformed into popcorn due to heat. The machine will easily produce popcorn and automatically become popcorn.

Before going to customers, the owner must follow the moisture-free packaging steps of the popcorn to ensure that the quality of the popcorn is not hampered.

6. Packing popcorn

After the popcorn is ready, you will need a packing machine to make its packets. This will completely seal your popcorn packets. Having a sealed pack reduces the chances of popcorn spoiling.

7. Licenses, Registration for Popcorn Business

If you are starting a business in a rural area, then you should not get any kind of approval, but for a large-scale business in an urban area, you have to spend more money on it and you have to get some licenses which are briefly mentioned below :–

It is the primary registration of any business that is carried out under the Registrar of Companies. For this, the owner can also contact a business consultant. Industries can be registered as micro and medium enterprises based on size.

Since the business is associated with food, a food license (FSSAI) must be obtained. So that the information is printed on a packet of popcorn during packaging.

Trademark registration is important to secure a brand name.

Businesses making popcorn will have to apply for GST registration.

Shop Act License

Then it is important to apply for BIS certification. Additionally, the item must abide by PFA Act regulations.

8. Total cost of popcorn-making business

In this business, at least 30 to 40 thousand rupees including machinery and all necessary materials will have to be invested. This includes the rent for your site.

9. Marketing a Popcorn Making Business

You have to give information to people about your popcorn-making business, for this it is necessary to market it. For marketing, you can make a manual of popcorn with your different flavors and print it on paper or even tell a pamphlet. 

Apart from this, if you want to reach as many people as possible, then you can use the online platform for this.

10. Profit from popcorn-making business

In the business of making popcorn, you can earn a profit of up to 50 thousand, the most important thing for this is the quality and taste of the popcorn you make. Because if people like it then people will come to you and you will benefit.

11. Risks in the business of making popcorn

The biggest risk in this business is whether the different types of popcorn you make will give people a good taste or not. Therefore, you have to pay special attention to both quality and taste. Otherwise, your business will be closed soon.


The business of making popcorn is a business that you can start from anywhere at a low cost. This business runs every season. Today in this article, we have told you how to start a business of making popcorn. All types of information related to K have been shared. I hope you liked our article.

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