How to Start Wedding Planner Business in 2023?

Today we will learn in this post how to do marriage business. Do you want to know about how to do wedding planner business and how to do wedding business? Also, want to know how much investment is required to become a wedding planner. Can you start this business on loan?

Where to get a license for this business and where to market this business. If a wedding planner starts a business, then how to plan someone’s wedding.

In this post, we will know the answers to all these questions in detail. After reading this article, you can start your own wedding planning business. And you can successfully get people married.

How to Start Wedding Planner Business in 2023?

You can start a wedding planner business in 40,000 to 70,000 rupees. Where you have to get a food license and shop license. After which you have to create your website and portfolio. Also, you have to contact hotels, restaurants, music artists, dance groups, mehndi artists, etc.

Then you will also have contact with pandits, decorators, catering. So that you can complete the marriage of any person with full convenience.

Where you have to first open an office for which you have to rent a shop. Which you will get on rent from 8,000 to 12,000 rupees a month. After this, if you serve food yourself at the wedding, then you will also have to get a food license.

To do the business of wedding planning, you can hire people from hotel management. Who will help you in your wedding event. Also, you will get pandits for the wedding, catering for food, decorators for pavilions and vermala, hotels to stop guests and get functions done.

Confectionery or restaurant for food, music and dance artists for music and dance, and mehndi artists for other guests including groups, brides and grooms, etc. will have to be kept in touch with them.

Which you will need in every wedding function. By doing all these things, you will be able to do the business of wedding planner without any hassle.

  • You have to create a team that can plan and execute the wedding.
  • You must open one of your offices where you can meet the client.
  • You have to create a website where you can show pictures (catalogues) of many events related to the wedding.
  • You must register your business and get a business license.

You have to market your wedding planning business so that more and more people know about your business.

What to do to become a wedding planner?

To become a wedding planner, you should do an event management course course, in this course you are taught all the things related to the event and you are taught everything related to the event and you are taught everything about wedding planning, birthday planning, concert planning, meeting / event planning.

The Event Management or Hotel Management course is specially designed for those who want to do business like wedding planning. So if you want to become a wedding planner then you should do a course in event management.

How to do wedding planning business?

You can start the business of a wedding planner with a farm. For which you have to get a shop license (Gumasta license, after which you have to register your wedding planner business with MSME) so that after getting the MSME certificate, your business can be registered by the government.

Also, you have to open a current account. So that you can transact your client’s money in the account as well as accept online payment.

If your wedding planner’s business earns Rs.20 lakh annually. Then you will also have to pay GST. For which you will also have to get a GST number.

How to start wedding planning business?

1. First decide the date of marriage, on which date to get married. So that you know how much time you have to plan a wedding.

2. Make a budget for how much to spend on the wedding. So that you can calculate what arrangements you have to make with that money.

3. Book a place for engagement, varmala, reception etc. or book a hotel.

4. If you want to get married in a theme such as South Indian style, western style, Punjabi style, Bengali style, etc., then plan it in advance. Buy whatever materials are necessary in them.

5. Book caterers, DJs, bands, photographers, videographers, florists and make a list of them to complete the wedding ceremony.

6. Make a list of all the guests coming to the wedding. Make a rate list of gifts and facilities to all those guests so that you can give sure things to each relative.

7. In the wedding, buy clothes for the bride, clothes for the groom, clothes for their family members and  jewellery.

8. Along with this, buy the pavilion, stage, all other decoration items and prepare them too.

9. Make sure bills for all the purchases you make and keep their receipts with you.

10. By following all these steps, you can plan any marriage and become a successful bedding plan.

Wedding Planner Business Plan

You can market the wedding planner business by creating your own website. Where you can advertise on Google or Facebook, Instagram by creating an ad to get people married for less money. With this, you can put photos and videos on your business’s social media. By creating profiles and pages on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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