How to Start Tea Leaf Business in 2023?

If you do tea leaf business then you can earn millions of rupees a month.

Because it is a business that is never going to stop as long as the person is alive and will continue to drink tea.

Today we will learn in detail about the business of tea leaves and how tea leaves are made in this post.

Start Tea Business in 2023

To do tea leaf business, you first have to understand about tea leaves. Tea leaves are cultivated in a place with cold climate. For this reason, it cannot be cultivated everywhere and therefore you can buy tea leaves from wholesalers and start their business.

Once your business starts, you can also cultivate tea leaves by buying a farm in a place with a cold climate.

When you buy tea leaves from a wholesaler, it is an unfiltered tea leaf that comes to you only after drying and grinding.

So you can sell that tea leaf by separating it in the size of tea grains or you can mix other flavor chemicals in those tea leaves and sell it in different flavors.

After this, you can earn money by selling that dried tea leaf to people or selling it directly to companies. There are also many companies that grow their own tea leaves in their own fields and later pack them in packets and sell them to the people.

How tea leaves are made?

How tea leaves are made: When tea is cultivated, the leaves are plucked from the tea plants and those leaves are collected in one place, after which the tea leaves are kept for drying. These tea leaves turn light black after drying and then grinded in their grinder.

So that it comes in small parts. Chemicals are also added to give them a little black color so that these leaves quickly turn black and take the form of tea leaves.

This is how tea leaves are formed. But this tea leaf is separated into fine and thick tea leaf shapes according to its grains and sold according to the needs of the people.

Tea Leaf Business:

There are two ways to trade tea leaf.

  • Growing tea leaves yourself and selling it to people in bulk
  • Buying tea leaves in bulk and packing them in packets and selling them

These are two ways with the help of which you can trade tea leaf.

How to cultivate tea leaves?

If you cultivate your own tea leaf and sell that tea leaf to people, then you will get a lot of profit in the tea leaf because if you cultivate tea leaves. So you will find tea leaves very cheap. Along with this, you can earn money by selling that tea leaf in the local market and also in bulk. For which you can contact big companies.

Which will buy your tea leaf and sell that tea leaf by putting its own branding and in this way you can earn profits in two ways.

Tea Leaf Wholesale Market Assam

The second way is that you can buy tea leaf from a tea leaf wholesaler and put your branding on it and sell that tea leaf inside the market. Where you can make that tea leaf delicious by adding a little chemical, which will make your tea even more favorite among people.

You can start a tea leaf business in either of these two ways and create your own tea leaf brand.

How tea leaf business is done?

Before starting a tea leaf business, you have to get a license from FSSAI to sell tea leaves. After this, you have to register your brand with the brand name you want to sell tea leaves. After that, you have to do lab testing of tea leaves so that you can make sure that the tea leaf you are selling or about to sell is not harmful.

Along with this, you will also have to get a shop license (Gumasta license), current account, etc. for your business so that you can do your business very easily.

If you do all these things, then you can start the work of selling tea leaves, for which you can make your distributors in small towns.

You can sell goods in bulk and supply them to shops in small towns or you can earn money by selling your tea leaf packets in bulk in small town shops or in big cities malls or big shopping stores.

How to start a tea leaf business in 2023?

First you have to choose the name of your business because tea leaves are always the same, there can be a difference in place, location, a little taste. But tea leaves will always remain tea leaves, tea leaves make their name more unique, the way you see in the market today, there are many types of tea leaf brands.

Those who sell tea leaves, but due to their brand name, the price of their tea leaves is different, so if you are going to do tea leaf business, then choose a name for your business that will be remembered only once you speak on people’s tongues.

If you keep such a brand name for your tea leaf, then the name of your tea leaf will come very easily on people’s tongue and whenever they think of tea, they will also think about your tea leaf so that people will buy more and more of your tea leaves.

Start tea leaf business

In many states, tea leaves are traded in the open market, that is, tea leaves are not sold inside packets with the name of any brand. Here tea leaves are sold without a name, which people buy and take at a price of kg and this tea leaf is later sold to you by packets by big companies.

So if you trade tea leaves yourself, then you can also sell tea leaves in the open market, the open market of tea leaves is so popular among the people that you will find tea leaves sold in the open market in many states and cities where tea leaves are not even cultivated.

But even there, people will find tea leaves selling in the open, so if you want, you can sell your tea leaf in the open market without any branding.

Because if your tea leaf is a good quality tea leaf and you sell it openly without a name, then the value of your brand will not reach the people, this information will not reach the people, you sell tea leaves of this brand or the tea leaf that is this brand is very good.

So selling tea leaves by creating more brands than selling open tea leaves will prove to be more profitable.


Tea leaves are a substance that does not spoil even if kept for many years and months. If you keep it under proper care, you can keep the tea leaf for many years and use it. In the tea leaf business, you have very little loss. At the same time, if we talk about tea leaf business, then tea leaves are the food items used by people daily, which is used by every person.

For this reason, there is always consumption of tea leaves in the market and many traders like you start tea leaf business and sell tea leaves in the market, yet they are not able to meet the demand of tea leaves in the market.

Because the demand for tea leaves in the market is high and there are fewer people who supply it, so if you are thinking of trading tea leaves, then this is the best time for you to start tea leaf business.

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