Rubber Stamp Making Business: How to Start a Rubber Stamp Making Business in 2023?

Rubber Stamp Making Business
Rubber Stamp Making Business

Rubber Stamp Making Business:- Nowadays, rubber stamps are very much needed in schools, tehsils, offices, so if you start your business by buying a rubber stamp making machine, then you can easily earn your livelihood sitting at home.

How To Start Rubber Stamp Making Business in 2023?

In today’s time, almost every person wants to start his own business and today the economic condition of most people is so bad that they are not able to invest much to start any kind of business. So almost every person wants to start any kind of business in today’s time with less investment and in today’s article how can we start a business of making rubber stamps? And we are going to give complete information about how to make a profit from it.

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Rubber Stamp Business Opportunity

Friends, as we all know that rubber stamps are used to stamp forms and necessary documents in different types of offices, so the rubber stamp manufacturing business can prove to be a profitable business for you. Nowadays mohar is also being used in the field of art design, so its demand is increasing day by day, due to which there is a lot of potential to earn profit in this business.

In the market, rubber stamps are made in two ways, one is embossed on rubber, in which people have to buy a separate ink stamp and the other is one that has only a design impression on the foam. There is no need to keep a separate ink stamp in it. The stamp that is in demand in the market nowadays is a rubber stamp with foam, so I am going to tell you about the second rubber stamp making business for 2023 in this article.

Rubber Stamp Making Materials

And to start trading rubber stamps, we will need some raw material and some other items used in it. The raw materials and other materials used in making rubber stamps will be easily available in your nearest market at a very low price. Let me tell you, the raw material and some other items used in the business of rubber stamps have been mentioned in this way below.

Raw material:-

  • Composition stick
  • Different types of dyes
  • ink

Other things:-

  • scissor
  • Mini Ari
  • Gas stove
  • Plastic or wood-stamped handles
  • means
  • Piercing machine
  • Hand Machine

Process of making rubber stamp

There is a different process of making different types of rubber stamps, the information of which is as follows.

  • Traditional rubber stamp making
  • First of all, the letters used in your subject have to be properly arranged in the composing stand with the help of composing stick and dye.
  • After doing this, you have to put the composing stand inside the wooden frame.
  • After the completion of this process, you have to put a mixture of plaster of Paris and whitening powder inside the plaster tree.
  • After doing this, place the plaster tracheo inside the wooden frame, in which the composing stand can easily fit.
  • Now use the gas stove and heat your entire unit on a low flame for at least half an hour.
  • This process shows the effect of letters in the Plaster of Paris mixture.
  • Now you have to spread this letter in small size or according to your requirement by cutting it with a thin rubber sheet, as well as pressing it inwards with hands.
  • Through this process rubber easily and thoroughly penetrates the Plaster of Paris mixture.
  • When everything is done smoothly, you can add plastic or wooden handles to hold the rubber stamp we have prepared.

Location selection in rubber stop business:

You do not need any special place to start this business and if you want, you can start a rubber stamp business from anywhere. You can start it from your home.

License and Registration in Rubber Stamp business:

We need some registration and license to start a rubber stamp business. By getting registration and license easily, we can start the business of rubber stamps. Let’s know the license and registration information for starting a rubber stamp business is as follows.

  1. First of all, before starting your business, you need to register with your nearest industry department.
  2. If you are doing rubber stamp business in partnership, then all of you will also need partnership agreement papers.
  3. You can register this business under LLP.
  4. In addition, you must obtain a trade license from your local municipality.
  5. If you want, you can register your business under the Small Industries Department.
  6. Apart from this, to start a rubber stamp business, you will also need your business’s current account and VAT registration.

Employees in the rubber stamp business:

We do not need staff members to start rubber stamp business on a small scale, we can start it easily with the help of our family members.

Total Investment in Rubber Stamp Making Business:

To start this business, first of all we have to prepare a good business strategy and if you want to start this business on a low investment and small scale, then for this you have to invest at least 25 to 30 thousand Rupees. If you cannot start this business even in this minimum investment, you can apply for a term loan and working capital loan at your nearest bank or a financial institution to get a loan.

Profit from Rubber Stamp Business:

With this business, you can easily earn at least 12 to 15 thousand rupees every month.

How to Sell Rubber Stamps:

You can create a good market for rubber stamps by placing attractive advertisements on your business, displaying various designs etc. Promote your business through social media postings, and accept online orders and deliver them on time.

Promoting the Business of Making Rubber Stamps

Effective and efficient advertising of your business can get you many customers. Nowadays, with all the advancements in technology, in addition to the distribution of travelers and business cards, there are many other ways to promote or advertise your business. An interactive eCommerce website with custom rubber stamp design with live previews is one such way to promote your business. Also, social networks like Facebook and Twitter can be used for promotional purposes where you can write blogs to explain the products you sell and their importance in daily life to customers.

In the initial stages, you have to focus and try to gain a good number of customers and over time the business will get exposure with verbal communication. There is a huge demand for rubber stamps in the market and if proper and efficient promotion is done, there is a possibility of getting good profits in this business.

Risks in the Business of Making Rubber Stamps

The probability of risk in this business is absolutely low, because very few people show their interest in such business and the demand for this business is in almost every office, educational institution, university and important offices. So from this point of view, doing this business can be less risky for you and you are investing less in it, so if there is any kind of risk then you will not have to take much risk in this too. Overall you can prove yourself to be a good trader in this business and earn good profits.

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