How to Start a Business of Making Electric Products in 2023

Electrical switches, sockets, plugs refer to electrical sockets, plugs and buttons as we all know that at present electricity has reached every corner of the country. Apart from this, electricity is used in almost every area of every business because it is futile to imagine any kind of business without electricity.

That is to say, whether it is a business institution, public place or a house, at present human beings need electricity everywhere and various electrical switches, sockets, plugs, etc. are needed to transfer and control this electricity from one place to another. Today, through this article, we will try to give information about the work of making electrical sockets, plugs and buttons.

What is the business of making electrical switches sockets, plugs?

With the increase in population, houses are built, commercial institutions are built, the process of their construction in government and non-government sectors continues every year. While performing all these activities or during their construction, no one else is needed or not, but electrical sockets, plugs and buttons are required.

That is to say, there is hardly any area in this world where electricity is not used and wherever electricity is used, these electrical switches, sockets, plugs, etc. are needed.  Keeping this need in mind, when an entrepreneur does the work of making electrical buttons, sockets, plugs, etc., then this business done by him is called Electrical Switches, Sockets, Plug Making Business.

Sales prospect of electric switches, plugs, sockets

Be it with the changing times or with the increase in population or the reasons for the construction of buildings for commercial and domestic use day by day, but the truth is that the demand for electricity is increasing day by day in the country and abroad. Therefore, it is obvious that if the demand for electricity is increasing, then the demand for the goods used to transfer and turn it off will also increase.

The goal of the Government of India is that there should not be a single village in any corner of India where electricity has not reached, some states have achieved this goal and some are moving towards achieving this goal. Now as the state governments achieve this goal, the demand for power equipment such as switches, plugs, sockets, etc. will also increase.

Electrical sockets, plugs are designed on the basis of power input i.e. a particular voltage and whenever the voltage exceeds that fixed voltage, these sockets and plugs can be permanently damaged, so there is a possibility of their replacement. As far as the use of this product is concerned, it is used in every sector whether it is industrial sector, domestic sector, office, or agriculture etc.

Electrical switches, sockets, plugs are necessary to run any household or commercial appliance such as light, fridge, television, fan, cooler, etc.

Machinery and raw materials required

The main raw materials used in electrical switches, sockets, plug manufacturing business are phenol formaldehyde molding powder, screw pins, terminals, flaps and springs, packing materials, etc.

  • Compressor Molding Machine
  • Molds
  • Buffer Machine
  • Testing Equipment

The list of raw materials is as follows.

  • Formaldehyde molding powder
  • Screw Pin
  • Terminal for trains and buse
  • Flap and Spring
  • Packaging Material

Manufacturing Process of Electrical Switches Sockets Plug

In the manufacturing process of electrical sockets, switches and plugs, the molding compound is first weighed properly. After that the molding temperature has to be preheated, then it is inserted inside the hot mold where it is pressed through a hydraulic press. And it is kept under pressure until it hardens.

One or more cavities can be used in the compression molding process.

After that the buried product is taken out of the press, after that the burs are removed from the product and polished with the help of a buffing machine. The product is then transferred to the finishing department where pins are fitted inside the product.

After that, the finished goods are tested, packed and stored or started earning by selling in the market. The Bureau of Indian Standards has laid down standards for the quality of electrical switches sockets plugs such as IS:3854:1988, so their production must conform to these standards.

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