How to Start Shoes Manufacturing Business in 2023

It is said that a lot can be guessed about the person by looking at the shoes of the person, the garment of any person presents an image of his personality, so it is very important to choose a garment that suits our personality, it is very important when it comes to garments.  Rather, it has also become a fashion status, whether it is a woman or a man, everyone wears different types of shoes on different occasions, this creates good employment opportunities in the field of shoe making.

Shoe manufacturing business is a business with great potential, if you want to start a shoe making business, then it can prove to be a good decision, the business of making shoes is a very profitable business, there are possibilities of earning good income in it, but not everything is so easy in this business.  Where there is a lot of competition, today many big companies have occupied the field of shoe making.

In this situation, the biggest challenge is to create a market for new businesses. Therefore, it is very important to have proper planning before starting this business.

This is because it is a business that requires more investment due to the quality of the products that make anyone stay in this business longer. 

What kind of shoes do you want to make?

Shoe manufacturing business is a business in which you have many options available, you can start a business of making children’s shoes, or adults. After this, there are two categories for women and for men.  

Such as sandals, formal shoes, informal shoes, etc., So, with so many options, sometimes you go into this business without a clear vision and do everything and nothing works. 

So before starting a shoe making business, make it clear what kind of shoes you are going to make, once you have determined it, you can focus on the next things that are necessary for the shoes you set, so do not focus on too much variety at the beginning of the business, instead focus on one type of product.

Shoe Manufacturing Business Plan

The success or failure of any business depends on how high your goal was, so prepare a good business plan for your business, which determines what your upcoming goals are. How will you grow your business to achieve those goals?

But also keep in mind that your goals are such that you are achievable, do not make any goals that are impossible to achieve, for example, set your goals for the first 4 months of the business that during this time you will sell 1 lakh pair of shoes, but for a new company, there is a very difficult goal,  Which is close to impossible.

Determine a brand of your product

You should create a brand for your product so that the customer recognizes that brand by looking at it, and they do not need to find more information.

So that whenever a customer’s eye falls on the shoe, he immediately recognizes that these are the shoes of this company, thus you can add anything to your products, by looking at which the customer can understand your product

Shoe Manufacturing Business License

Before starting a business, you must obtain the necessary registrations for that business. Therefore, before starting a business, research the necessary regulations of your city and make the necessary registrations. 

The registration of the company is mandatory in a way, because without registration, no wholesaler will sell your product

What documents will be required to start a shoe making business?

To start a shoe making business, you need some documents. Documents through which you can register your business. And can grow your business regularly without any trouble. Let’s know what documents you will need to start in the middle of making shoes.

What will be your need for some personal documents such as-

  • Aadhar Card,
  • PAN card,
  • Voter Card,
  • Ration card,
  • Electric bill,
  • Bank account
  • Bank passbook,
  • Your photograph,
  • Your email ID,
  • Your mobile number etc.

You will have to get some licenses related to your business. As–

  • You have to register your business with the municipality. 
  • You have to get a trade license for your business.
  • You will have to register the GST number for your business.
  • You have to register your business under the shop institute provision.
  • You will have to make a PAN card for your business.

Shoes manufacturing business will require all these necessary documents and licenses if you start your business without these licenses. So you may have to face a lot of problems.

Shoe Manufacturing Process

It is important to note here that there are many different parts of a shoe, such as the shoe, the inside shawl, the outer shawl, the front part of the shoe, the middle part of the shoe, the back of the shoe, etc. Doing all these processes manually would be very time consuming. 

But in today’s time, all these processes are through machines, these machines just need to give some commands, after that the whole process is done on its own, along with this, a separate department can be created to make every part of the shoe in the company, which increases both the speed and quality of work.

To make shoes, leather is first cut, whose size is according to the design of the shoe, this process is easily done by the cutting machine in the cutting department.

In the process of making shoes, it is the first process to cut the upper part of the shoe with leather, this process is done very carefully, because leather is very expensive, and if the price of the shoe has to be increased due to too much leather waste, after all the parts are ready in different departments, they are stitched in the machining department.

Inner sole – This is the part of the shoes on which a person puts his foot, it is made very comfortable.

Outer sole – This is the outer part of the bottom of the shoes, it is made very strong so that the bottom is strengthened from the outside.

Mid sole – This is the part between the outer and inner sol. It is made quite thick.

Heel – After this, the heel is applied to it, it is applied to the back of the outer sole and it is made high.

Vamp – After this, it has a vamp, this is the part in which a person puts his foot and he is easy to walk and feel comfortable.

Designing – After this, the design of the shoes is prepared.

Designing cut – After this, this design is cut and applied on the shoe.

Sewing – After all this, the shoes are sewn so that it can be strengthened, the upper part and all the parts are sewn firmly.

Fitting the heel – After connecting the upper parts, the heel is added to it.

Sewing on the outside of the shoe – This is followed by stitching on the outside side of the shoe and this stitching works for design and strength.

Shoe Testing – After making the shoe, it is tested, so that its strength can be measured and it is tested in every situation.

Packing – The shoes are then packed. And stickers and tags are put on it.

Shoes Manufacturing Business Location

Location is very important for any business, as business success depends on whether the surrounding market is favourable to your business. No matter where you set up your business, you need transportation. You see, the shoe business is that kind of business, and you don’t need a very large space for it.

This business can easily be started in a rental building.  If you want, you can start the business of making shoes from an old factory. In the beginning of the business of making shoes, you will need 1 big hall, in which all your Production work will be done, along with this you will also have to build a small office, in which all activities related to your business planning etc. will be done.

Along with this, you will need at least two storage rooms, in which in one room you will keep the raw material related to shoes, in the other storage you will keep your finished product, in this way you will have at least 4-5 halls in total, Room will be needed In the business of making shoes, it is not important whether it is happening in the rural area, or in the urban area.

That’s why you can choose any place according to your convenience, whatever place you choose, keep in mind that there must be a 3 phase meter installed, because in this business you will need many machines.

Shoes Manufacturing Business Machinery

Shoes are also made of many different types of materials, in which different types of machinery may be required. Shoes are generally made of leather, raggin, etc. materials, in which machinery is generally used in the same way, if there are some changes, then they there are not many

To start this business you will need the following machinery:

  • 2 Cutting Board Rs 20000/
  • 2 Upper Stitching Flat Machine Rs 50000
  • Tools for Upper Rs 50000
  • Tools for bottom Rs 50000
  • Finishing Tools Rs 50000
  • Sholl Press Tools Rs 50000
  • Grinder Rs 50000
  • zig zag machine
  • Generator
  • Compressor Rs.50000
  • Cutting Press Machine (Clicking Machine) Rs 300000
  • 1 Squeegee Machine Rs.40000

Shoes Manufacturing Business Raw Materials

With so many types of shoes being made, the same types of materials are used, some are very difficult to find, while others are very expensive. Below is information about them. 

TPR material – This material is the material between plastic and leather. It is used in making soles.

Rubber – It is also used in making soles.

PVC material – It is also used to make soles.

Adhesive – It is used to connect the upper part of the sole and the shoe.

Leather – It is a very important material for making shoes.

Rexene – It is used in making inner soles.

Heel – It is made of plastic and wood and is applied to the outer sole of the shoe.

Accessories and ornaments – buckles, rings, diamonds, rubber bands, etc.

Thread – used for sewing shoes. 

Color – It is used to color the shoe.

Dye – Use it for dyeing.

Neolite – It is hard plastic so it is used to make heels.

Packaging Materials – Crates, Cartons, Tissues, Labels, Barcode Labels Finishing Material – Polish, Lycra, Waxes

Nails – This is used to set the position of the heel in the shoe.

Foil paper – This is used to add tags.

In this way, a shoe is ready for about 200 to 250 rupees

How much investment will be required to start a shoe making business?

The biggest expense in starting a shoe making business is to buy machinery because if you want to produce on a large scale, then you have to buy all types of machinery, thus if you look at the total cost of machinery, then it falls between 5 to 8 lakhs. Apart from this, it becomes an investment of about 10 to 15 lakhs, including the cost of raw material etc.

Shoe Manufacturing Business Profits

The business of making shoes is a business in which there is no fixed graph of earnings, money and name can be earned through this business, you can easily sell a set of shoes up to Rs 300, along with this, if you want, you can tie up with a big shop and sell your 1 product at a higher price. Can you earn more months?

How to market a shoe making business?

For any business to grow and earn good profits, it becomes very important to market that business well. Similarly, if you want to start your shoe business. And want to earn good profits from it. So you have to pay special attention to the marketing of your business. To market your business, keep in mind the following things, and use them in your business.

  1. First of all, you need to give your shoe manufacturing business a catchy name. And when naming it, keep in mind that it is easy to remember.
  2. After keeping a catchy name of the business, you have to create an attractive logo of your business. So that you can also use it on your shoes, which will allow your business to be marketed more and more.
  3. And most importantly, you have to keep the quality of your shoes very good. And they have to give good design.
  4. If you pay attention to the quality and design of your shoes. So your business will be marketed automatically. Keep in mind that you keep the price of your shoes according to their quality.
  5. You can use banners and posters to market your shoe business, which you put up in a place where more and more people gather.
  6. You can also run ads through social media for your business.
  7. You have to create a business profile on all social media for your shoes manufacturing business, and post your product there.
  8. You have to make the design of your shoes even better keeping in mind the new trends coming in the market. So that people buy more and more of your shoes.

If you market your business keeping these things in mind given above, then you will definitely see good results.

FAQs –

Q.1 Is it okay to do shoe making business?

Yes, you can do the business of making shoes. There is a lot of demand for this type of business right now, and you can also earn a lot of good profits from it.

Q.2 How much money do I have to invest to start a shoe making business?

To start a good shoe making business, you have to invest at least 10 to 15 lakh rupees.

Q.3 How much profit will we make from the shoe making business?

From the business of making shoes, you can easily earn 50 thousand to 1 lakh rupees in the initial days. And going forward, this profit can be quite high.

Q.4 Is it beneficial to make shoes?

Yes, the business of making shoes is considered a profitable business, your cost in making a leather shoes is between 200 to 250 and you can sell them to the wholesaler in the market from 300 to 350.

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