How to Start Paper Plate Making Business in 2023

How to Start Paper Plate Making Business in 2023

Whenever you go to eat at a wedding, you eat food on a paper plate there. Such plates are often used for offerings in pujas, for feeding in bhandaras or banquets, and also for street food, the demand for paper plates has increased over time and if seen from a business point of view, it has become a good business in a very short time, which any person can start after investing less money.

The paper plate business makes disposable paper plates and cups and earns money by selling them. In today’s post, we will tell you how you can start the business of making paper plates. What else will be needed, so read our post in full so that you can get good information and it will be easy to understand one thing by one. What is the demand for paper plate business in the market?

Before starting this business, know how much the demand of paper plate cup business is in the market, then you will be able to analyze yourself whether it will be right to do this business or not, as in today’s date, we eat anything in the market such as pani puri, samosa, Fast food items are given to us mostly in paper plates or paper bowls.

Apart from this, thousands of other shops are set up in the market where paper plate cups are used and if we have to go to a birthday party or picnic in our homes, then we all use paper plate mostly because it is very light and can be easily transported and destroyed. There is very little chance of loss from this business.

As we all know that before starting any business, there are some things to determine, in the same way, before starting a paper plate-making business, you have to know some things/ things. Things have to be determined

  • First, you need to decide where you want to start making your paper plate, i.e. where you want to start making your paper plate on Large or small.  
  • After this, you also have to determine your budget, how much budget you want to use for this business.
  • If you want to do paper plates business on a large scale, then you will need a separate place i.e. land for this, you can determine the land according to your budget.
  • You will also have to get information about the market and customer demand, which you can find out from the market.
  • Determine the machine i.e. which machine you want to take/ Whether you want to buy a manual or automatic machine, it depends on you and your budget.

How to start Paper Plate Manufacturing business in 2023?

If you are thinking of starting a paper plate making business and your budget is from 50 thousand to 2 lakh, then you can start this business from today and make, both men and women can do this business very comfortably if you want to do the business of making paper plates on a small scale in the initial phase. So you can start it from the comfort of any empty space in your house.

The principles of the paper plate business are very simple. First and foremost, it’s where you run your business.

And finally the turn of raw materials. Then you will need a paper plate making machine to help you make paper plates.

You need to put the raw materials into the paper plate making machine. The paper plates must then be packed and delivered to the customer. 

Paper Plate raw material and cost

1) To make paper plate you need paper sheet or scrap paper. This PE paper will be easily available in the market for 40 to 45 rupees per kg, you can also get it online from Indiamart.

2) Paper rolls are also used in making paper plates.

3) You will also have to buy polythene bags. Polythene bags that you use to pack paper plates and other salmon. Plastic packets will have to be taken in which you will pack 30-30 pixels of paper plate at a time.

4) Plastic rope for packaging.

Where can I buy the raw materials for making paper plates?

You can buy all these things from a good seller in your city. Indiamart is the cheapest and best online platform for buying materials; here you will find paper plate raw materials at a very low price

Paper Plate Making Machine required for making paper plate:

The most important thing for making paper plates is the machine because the whole work depends on the machine, this work can not be done without a machine, you will easily find this machine anywhere in India, if you do not know the machine, then you can also order this machine from the online Indiamart website or any knowledgeable person already working in this field. You can buy the machine with the advice of the person. There are 3 types of machine for making paper plate.

1) Manual machine (paper plate manual machine)

Through this machine, you can make all types of paper plates such as a plate, breakfast plate, or any other plate, all types of plates can be easily made with the help of this machine.

Because to make a plate from this machine, we have to do all the work ourselves, this machine has a pedal which has to be pressed with the feet to make the plate, along with this, in the dye of the machine, we have to apply the paper ourselves with our hands, so with this machine you can make only 11 plates at a time.

Manual paper plate machine you will easily get 7 thousand to 20 thousand in the market, with manual machine you can start this business in 40 to 55 thousand, it takes a little effort to make paper plate from this machine, but it is a cheap and good machine. When your business grows, you can get an automatic machine.

2) Semi-Automatic Machine

The special thing about this machine is that compared to the manual machine, we have to work less in this machine and our production is also high, to run this machine, we need single or 3 phases of electricity, this machine makes the paper plate very quickly ready.

The price of this machine is between 30,000 and 50,000 on the market. You can start your paper plate-making business within 80,000-1,000 with this machine. You can easily make 10,000 to 14,000 plates by just working 8 to 12 hours a day and earning 40 to 50,000 rupees per month. 

3) Automatic Machine (Automatic Machine)

This machine is faster than both the machines mentioned above and the production is also more than both the machines and 3 phases of electricity are needed to run it and silver paper is installed behind the machine to make paper plate from this machine and the machine is turned on and this machine automatically does its work and the paper plate starts coming out.

With this machine, you can make 30,000-34,000 paper plates per day and you can earn 70,000-80,000 rupees per month by working 7-8 hours a day.

As for the staff, they can do their job themselves as they just put paper in and look at the machine from time to time. You can save that money by giving it to others. 

The cost of this fully automatic machine is about Rs.60,000 to 2.5 lakhs.

Paper Plate making process

  1. If you are using a manual paper plate making machine, then you should first cut the paper according to your requirement in a slightly larger size than the dye of the machine to make the paper plate, such as you want to make a dough or make this plate, you can cut the paper according to its size or you can also take the cut paper from the direct supplier.
  2. You cut the paper plates in such a shape that there is no extra paper left in the plates so that the plates can be good, so you cut the paper according to the dye.
  3. After this, you turn on the motor of the machine again
  4. After this, to make a paper plate, you are placed under the dye slightly larger than the 11 paper sheet cut dye, there will be a place to keep the paper plates under the dye, after that the paper will be cut.
  5. The size of the paper plates depends on the dye of the machine i.e. the dye of your machine is square or round or of any other design. In a handheld machine, two dyes are given by the company, that is, you can make 22 paper plates at a time, you can use both the dyes of the manual machine simultaneously.
  6. After this, the edge of the paper plates is ready and when the hand lever attached to the machine is dropped, both the dyes fall on the papers placed below it and the paper plate becomes ready.
  7. If you are using an automatic machine, then you do not need to do much for production and this will do your work in less time and will also save your time.

Automatic machine it works just like your name, so in this you have to work harder than the manual machine and you also save time, you just have to take a paper sheet and put it in the back of the machine and the automatic paper plate starts coming out.

To install an automatic machine you will need work from 200 square feet to 1000 square feet of space.

After making paper plates, they are also packed.

You can use polythene packets for packing plates.

How many paper plates you keep in a packet depends on you.

If you have kept the price of a paper plate at 75 paise and you keep 100 paper plates in a packet, then you will get 75 rupees on one packet and if you sell it one by one instead of selling the paper plates together at the retail price i.e. paper plates, then it will sell you for one rupee, which will give you a profit of 20 paise on each plate.

License and registration for paper plate making business

We all know that to do any business in India, it is necessary to register it first, to start any kind of business, first of all you should register your business GST (Good Service Tax), you can start your business after GST registration, after this you can apply for other registration and license for your business. have

List of documents required for GST registration

  • Office address if electricity bill is on rent
  • If the office is your own, its NOC
  • KYC details
  • PAN Card
  • Aadhar Card
  • Bank Details
  • Cancel check
  • Pass support size photo

The business of making paper plates is a large scale business, so you should get another registration after GST and get its license, such as taking permission from the Pollution Control Board, registering in the Labor Act if you have more than 10 laborers working and you will also have to register your staff.

If the number of your staff is more than 20, then you have to register your business in MSME (Small and Medium Enterprises), if your business is of small scale then you should take permission from the local authority, this will not cause any problem in the manufacturing of paper plates and the government will continue to get the news of your business.

Total cost involved in the business of making paper plates

At the beginning of this work, you will have to spend about 1 lakh. This includes the purchase of your machine. And raw materials such as paper, polythene bags, etc. are also included. The cost of manual machine ranges from Rs 9000 to Rs 25000 and if you buy an automatic machine then the cost of your automatic machine is from 50 to 60 thousand rupees.

With this money, you can run your business very easily for some time, but then after that your business will start running and you can easily buy the rest of the salmon. So if you have capital then it is fine, if not, then you can also take a loan from the scheme started by the Government of India.

Where and how to sell paper plates?

You can sell your paper plates in large quantities by finding out the paper plates made by you to grocery general stores, stall owners and places where such plates are most needed.

If you try to reach your company’s paper plates to small spaces, stores, stalls and people who can buy your paper plate in large quantities, your product will reach more people without much publicity, which will also improve your earnings.

Important points related to paper plate business

  • You must use trademarks and logos for your paper plate business if you do not want anyone to copy your product in the future.
  • So much so that we all know that there is competition in every field, the same thing happens in this field too.
  • If you are doing the business of making paper plates, then you should know about the demand of the market so that you can easily sell paper plates.
  • Find out what kind of paper plates customers need
  • Before you start trading paper plates, you should talk about places where such paper plates are needed.


How much does a paper plate making machine cost?

You will find 3 types of machines in the market to make paper plates, paper plate manual machine, semi-automatic machine, and automatic machine all have different prices, if you want to start a business by investing money, then you can buy manual machine, you will get it online from 10 thousand to 20 thousand.

How many types of paper plates are there?

Types of Paper Plate Silver Foil Paper Plates, Printed Paper Plates, Designer Paper Plates, Laminated Paper Plates, MICA Paper Plates

Where to find paper plate machine?

If you do not know about the machine, then you can also order this machine from the online Indiamart website.

How much raw material will be available to make paper plates?

If you take good quality raw material like high GSM paper, you will get 60 to 120 kg online.

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