Operating System Quantum AKTU Pdf 2nd Year for 2024 Exam

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Operating System Quantum AKTU Pdf Download

Prepare for your AKTU exam with a comprehensive understanding of Operating Systems. Dive into the core concepts that govern computer functionality, enhancing your knowledge and exam readiness.

Explore key topics such as process management, memory allocation, and file systems, vital for success in the AKTU examination. Our curated content ensures a deep grasp of operating system principles, empowering you to tackle exam questions confidently.

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Operating System Quantum AKTU Pdf Free Download

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Topics of Operating System Quantum AKTU

Unit-1: Introduction

In the first unit of Operating System aktu quantum we will read about- Operating system and functions, Classification of Operating systems- Batch, Interactive, Time sharing, Real Time System, Multiprocessor Systems, Multiuser Systems, Multiprocess Systems, Multithreaded Systems, Operating System Structure- Layered structure, System Components, Operating System services, Reentrant Kernels, Monolithic and Microkernel Systems.

Unit-2: Concurrent Processes

We will read about in OS quantum aktu 2nd unit- Concurrency Principle, Process Concept, Producer/consumer problems, mutual exclusion, critical section problems, Dekker and Peterson’s solutions, semaphores, test and set operations; classical concurrency problems, such as the Sleeping Barber and Dining Philosopher problems; interprocess communication models and schemes; and process generation.

Unit-3: CPU Scheduling

In the 3rd unit of Operating System aktu quantum we will read about- Process Control Block (PCB), Process Address Space, Performance Criteria, Process States, Process Transition Diagram, Schedulers, and Scheduling Concepts handle information about identification, threads and how to handle them, Multiprocessor scheduling, Algorithms for Scheduling. Deadlock: Detection and avoidance, System model, characterization, prevention, and recovery from deadlock.

Unit-4: Memory Management

In the 4th unit of Operating System quantum aktu- we will read about- Rudimentary bare machine, watchful resident, Using fixed partitions for multiprogramming, Utilizing variable partitions for multiprogramming safeguarding plans, Sectioning, Paging, and segmentation on pages, Concepts of virtual memory Paging on demand, Utilizing demand paging, algorithms for replacing pages, stumbling, Cache memory configuration, location of the reference.

Unit-5: I/O Management and Disk Scheduling

In the 4th unit of Operating System quantum pdf aktu- I/O subsystems and devices RAID, disk storage and scheduling, and I/O buffering. File System: Concept of a file, File Structure and Method of Access, File sharing and file directories Problems with file system security and protection during implementation.

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