Latest Design And Analysis of Algorithm AKTU Quantum for 2024 Exam

For the 2024 exam, download the AKTU Quantum Design and Analysis of Algorithm PDF. This is the PDF for your DAA if you are a third-year B.Tech student. For third-year B.Tech students, locate the relevant link and click to download your free PDF.

Design And Analysis of Algorithm AKTU Quantum PDF

Gaining mastery over the complexities of DAA is essential to succeeding in AKTU tests. This important topic explores the fundamentals of algorithmic design, highlighting effectiveness and problem-solving skills. Graph theory, dynamic programming, and algorithmic paradigms are essential for candidates traversing the AKTU exam landscape.

Examining students’ capacity to evaluate algorithmic complexities promotes a thorough comprehension of computational efficiency. Equipped with this understanding, applicants can solve intricate puzzles and achieve success in the AKTU test. DAA is a fundamental component of the AKTU curriculum that helps students achieve academic success and fully understand algorithms.

Design And Analysis Of Algorithms Quantum Pdf Aktu

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Design And Analysis Of Algorithms Quantum Notes Topics

Unit-1: Introduction:

Algorithms, Analyzing Algorithms, Complexity of Algorithms, Growth of Functions, Performance Measurements, Sorting and Order Statistics – Shell Sort, Quick Sort, Merge Sort, Heap Sort, Comparison of Sorting Algorithms, Sorting in Linear Time.

Unit-2:Advanced Data Structures:

Red-Black Trees, B – Trees, Binomial Heaps, Fibonacci Heaps, Tries, Skip List.


Divide and Conquer with Examples Such as Sorting, Matrix Multiplication, Convex Hull and
Greedy Methods with Examples Such as Optimal Reliability Allocation, Knapsack, Minimum
Spanning Trees – Prim’s and Kruskal’s Algorithms, Single Source Shortest Paths – Dijkstra’s and
Bellman Ford Algorithms


Dynamic Programming with Examples Such as Knapsack. All Pair Shortest Paths – Warshal’s
and Floyd’s Algorithms, Resource Allocation Problem.
Backtracking, Branch and Bound with Examples Such as Travelling Salesman Problem, Graph
Coloring, n-Queen Problem, Hamiltonian Cycles and Sum of Subsets.


Selected Topics: Algebraic Computation, Fast Fourier Transform, String Matching, Theory of NPCompleteness, Approximation Algorithms and Randomized Algorithms

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