Computer System Security Handwritten Short Notes AKTU Pdf For 2024

Computer System Security Handwritten Short Notes AKTU Pdf
computer system security aktu notes pdf

Hey! If are looking for a Computer System Security Handwritten Short Notes AKTU Pdf. Then you’re at the right place, here we have uploaded Handwritten notes of CSS for AKTU exams.

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Computer System Security Syllabus AKTU

Unit-1 : Introduction

Computer System Security: Introduction What is computer security, and what should you learn? Sample Attacks The marketplace of vulnerabilities, Error 404 Hacking Digital India Part 1 Chase. Control Hijacking threats include integer overflow and format string vulnerabilities. Control Hijacking defenses include platform defenses, run-time defenses, and advanced control hijacking threats.

Unit-2: Confidentiality Policies

Computer System Security Handwritten Short Notes

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Confidentiality Policies: Confinement Principle, Detour Unix user IDs and privileges, More about confinement tactics, System call interposition Part 2: Error 404 Digital Hacking in India. VM-based isolation, the confinement principle, software fault isolation, rootkits, and intrusion detection systems.

Unit-3: Secure Architecture Principles Isolation & Leas

Secure architecture principles isolation and leas: Access Control Concepts, Unix and windows access control summary, Other issues in access control, Introduction to browser isolation.
Web security landscape: Web security definitions goals and threat models, HTTP content rendering, Browser isolation, Security interface, Cookies frames and frame busting, Major web server threats, Cross-site request forgery, Cross-site scripting, Defenses and protections against XSS, Finding vulnerabilities, Secure development.

Unit-4: Basic Cryptography

Basic cryptography includes public key cryptography, RSA public key crypto, digital signature hash functions, public key distribution, real-world protocols, basic terminologies, and email security certifications. Transport Layer Security (TLS), IP Security, and DNS Security.

Unit-5: Internet Infrastructure

Internet infrastructure: Basic security issues, Routing security and DNS reviewed. Summary of vulnerabilities in internet security, Link layer and TCP IP connection, Packet filtering, firewall, intrusion detection.

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