Civil-All AKTU Quantum Free PDF Download for B.Tech 3rd Year

If you’re looking for a free PDF download of the AKTU Quantum Series PDF for B Tech 3rd Year, you’re in luck. This is the PDF for the second year of the AKTU Quantum Series in Civil Engineering. Our website offers a free download of the most recent edition of the Quantum Series for B Tech 3rd Year, which covers the whole syllabus in PDF format.

AKTU Quantum Free PDF for B.Tech 3rd Year

1. Structural Analysis-II Quantum:- Download (Coming soon)

2. Engineering Hydrology Quantum:- Download

3. Geotechnical Engineering (2021-22) Aktu Quantum:- Download

4. Environmental Engineering Quantum:- Download

5. Structural Engineering –I (RCC) Quantum:- Download (Coming soon)

6. Structural Engineering –II (Steel) Quantum:- Download (Coming soon)

7. Transportation Engineering Quantum:- Download

8. Environmental Science Quantum:- Download (Coming soon)

9. Quantity Estimation and Construction Management Quantum:- Download

10. Concrete Technology Quantum 2020-21:- Download

11. Structural Analysis Quantum latest(2021-22):- Download

12. Strength of Material Quantum:- Download

13. Modern Construction Materials Quantum:- Download (Coming soon)

14. Open Channel Flow Quantum:- Download (Coming soon)

15. Air and Noise Pollution Control Quantum (2021-22):- Download

16. GIS and Advance Remote Sensing Quantum:- Download

17. Design of Concrete Structures Quantum:- Download

18. Advance Structural Analysis Quantum:- Download (Coming soon)

19. Foundation Engineering Quantum:- Download

We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience, but some Quantums are currently unavailable. Please share any notes you may have along with the most recent quantum with us. It can be extremely beneficial to those in need.

It will take some time, but we will also upload AKTU handwritten notes on each subject.

Civil Engineering AKTU Quantum Series PDF Download 3rd Year

Download all AKTU Quantum B-tech Civil Engineering courses:- Click Here

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For the 2nd year, this link to download the Civil Engineering AKTU Quantum PDF for free- Click here

For 4th-year Civil Engineering students, download the free AKTU Quantum Series by clicking this link- Click here

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