[20+] Best App for Students to Make Money in 2023

In today’s post, we will know how to make money online in student life in 25+ ways. Students are going to learn about how to earn money and how to earn student money! From where you can earn your part-time as a student! So let’s go ahead and learn about the ways to earn money for the student!

Earning money from student life provides valuable work experience for a student. Students earn money along with their studies and pay for their own education and pocket expenses. It teaches a student how to save money for the future and manage money properly.

Every student wants to earn money along with studies so finance can help in studying! There are many students who are financially very strong, but there are many students whose parents are able to raise money for their children’s education by working as labourers.

If you study away from home, then you can easily work online or offline and pay for your own education.

25+ Ways Students Make Money Online in 2023

Student life is a life in which you have to focus only on your studies. But along with this, the student also has to take care of finance.

Any good course costs only 3 or 4 lakhs! So in such a situation, along with studies, the student must think about his earnings.

In today’s article, you stayed with us till the end. We are going to talk about many such methods in this article. By adopting which you can earn along with studies. This can reduce the burden of your parents’ expenses on your education.

The methods described in this post are both online and offline! We hope that you will definitely like the methods mentioned and will also be beneficial for you.

1. Instagram

You can earn money online using Instagram! Now you must be thinking that the owner of Instagram will give you money, it is not so at all.

Create an account or page in Instagram and post something related to a nis! For example, if you post only motivational posts or just upload posts related to the share market! So in such a situation, your Instagram followers start growing slowly.

If you have 10,000 followers on Instagram! So you can promote any product to any company.

You can earn money by promoting through both reels and posts in Instagram. In today’s time, the company in Instagram gives thousands of millions of rupees to promote its product. From Instagram, you can charge 500 to 5 thousand for every promotion reel.

Instagram is a popular social media platform where 1 billion active users live, so if you are a student and want to earn money from Instagram, then you can earn money every day with the following ways to earn money from Instagram.

How to make money from Instagram?

1. By posting sponsored posts

If you have a very good following in Instagram, then you can promote products and services, many brands are ready to pay thousands and millions of rupees to Instagram followers for sponsored posts! So just increase the following in your Instagram and earn from sponsored posts!

2. Instagram Affiliate Marketing

Instagram users can earn every day by doing affiliate marketing! In affiliate marketing, you have to put your affiliate link in your Instagram post and story and if people are related to your Story and Instagram post.

3. Digital Products

Instagram users can also sell digital products such as eBooks, Syllabus or Templates to their followers. They can share these products through Instagram posts and Stories and sell them through a website or platform like Gumroad.

4. By Brand Collaboration

You can earn a lot more by doing brand collaborations on Instagram! Brand collaboration involves creating content and reels for other brands’ products and services and publishing them in your story.

2. Make money from affiliate marketing

Selling someone else’s product online to a third person is called affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing can be done through the YouTube channel, through the website, through Instagram, through the Facebook page.

Meesho, Glowroad and other online e-commerce websites whose products you can affiliate. You can earn money by doing affiliate marketing from Flipcart and Amazon.

In this, you have to run ads of these companies in your website. After clicking on these ads, if a product is sold, then you get a good commission for it.

Every Tuesday, your earning money is transferred to your account. This can be a good way for you to recover your expenses while a student.

3. Make money by doing video marketing

Video marketing is considered a successful future because making videos has now become easier. Everyone has mobiles with good quality cameras. So in such a situation, it is easy to earn money from video marketing.

Millions can be earned by making videos and publishing them on YouTube or on any other social side. The same video on YouTube earns millions and gives it to a YouTuber! Because that only one video has become so popular.

Making a student live video is a very easy way to earn money from Edson. You can create a YouTube Channel, create a Facebook Page and publish videos to these places. You will get more views and your earning will start.

4. How to earn money from blogging

The course you are doing or whatever subject you are studying. Create a blog related to it. You can do free blogging. If you can invest 5 to 6 thousand rupees. You can still start blogging.

In this, you need a domain, hosting, and theme. But as a student, you also have to pay attention to finance! Create your website and publish posts on it! After 40 to 50 posts, you can get Edson approved.

Believe me; if you give 1 to 2 hours of blogging in a day, then you can earn good money. You can easily do blogging along with your studies.

5. Make money from photography!

In today’s time, there are many websites from where online photos are purchased. You can earn money from photography by creating an account in these websites.

Here you have to upload professional photos to sell. The price of the photo is done by the website after analysing the photo.

You can earn money by creating an account in these websites:

  • Getty Images
  • Shutterstock
  • Dreamstime
  • iStock
  • Alamy
  • Twenty20

6. Make money by freelancing

If you are studying, then you can earn money by working online through any freelancing website by working in free time in the computer along with studies.

You do not need to search for clients in any freelancing website. Both Clint and Freelancer are present in the Freelancing website. You can search online work related to different work from here.

You can create your account on these platforms and you can easily start freelancing! You get two options to create an account on the freelancing website.

Either you can create a freelancer account or become a customer, there are many freelancing websites where you can earn money by freelancing such as Fiverr, Upwork, Freelancer etc.

7. Earn money by teaching tuition!

You can earn money by giving tuitions to children of lower classes along with your studies. Every parent wants to give their children the best education. For this, they do not want to let their child be empty.

Send the child to school during the day and start the child’s tuition in the evening! If you do a job and you can earn money by teaching tuitions to children in free time.

Many big class students are earning money by working part time by teaching tuition to children. You also get an advantage by teaching tuition to children, that benefit is also going to increase your knowledge.

You can earn 7 to 10 thousand every month by giving tuition to children along with your studies.

8. Earn money by delivering parcels!

Whenever you get time away from your studies, you can earn your earnings by delivering parcels.

If you have a bike, you can earn money by delivering couriers or other parcels to people in Amazon or Flipkart or other courier companies.

You can also take payment from whichever company you are working to deliver parcels to people according to each packet.

Most delivery boys prefer to deliver parcels per packet because in such a situation, the more packets you deliver to people, the more your earnings will increase and in such a situation you can earn more money.

9. Make money by doing small business

While being a student, a little time is spent in the morning or evening, so in this free time you can earn money by doing many types of small businesses.

These businesses can be both online and offline such as cyber cafes, online work, working in websites, working online for people, selling products online, etc.

Many people are earning thousands of millions by leaving these small businesses and making full-time businesses.

If you do business offline for an hour or two, then you can earn good such as waiting work in the hotel, earning money by setting up tea stalls, selling books, etc.

10. Earn money by becoming an online teacher

This way of earning money by online teaching is very simple and more money-making. Whatever subject you are studying, you can also give online teaching to other children about those subjects.

You can earn money from the YouTube channel, through Uncademy or by selling small courses in Udemy.

By doing online teaching, you can earn millions, for this you need a mobile and internet. You can also earn money by making short videos and uploading them to all social sides.

11. Earn money by becoming an insurance agent

In today’s time, many people insure LIC or other companies because now people are more worried about their future than before.

12. Earn money by typing

In today’s time, there are many such online tasks that are fed into the computer by typing online, such as creating letters, data entry, feeding the data collected in hard documents of banks to the computer, etc.

You can do this in part time too! Whenever you are free from studies, you can do online typing work and earn good earnings.

13. Earn money by teaching at computer center

In today’s time, every student studies online and almost have a computer or laptop. If you are an expert in computers, then you can start teaching computers to children in any computer center.

Even if you take less money from that computer center, then you can take out your education expenses in it.

14. Earn money by repairing electronic

There are many students who study electrical in which electric is told. Such students can earn money by repairing electrical work or electric products in free time. Students can do this part-time work sitting at home in which they also get payment at the same time.

15. Make money by learning Excel

In today’s time, everyone wants to learn Excel or advanced Excel, for which many people buy a course of thousands of rupees online or take admission in a big institute.

16. Earn money by doing account work

There are many companies that hire accountants to handle their accounts, who work to fill the balance sheet or ITR of the companies. If you are a commerce student, then you can handle the account of a small or big company.

This can make you earn good part-time. You can also find this work by going to the freelancing website or job search site.

17. Make money by teaching computers to children

In today’s time, every parent wants their child to learn to run the computer from childhood so that the child does not have any problem in running the computer and he can study online, so you can start teaching computers to the children.

In 40 to 60 thousand, you can open a good computer institute for children in your home and start such a business.

18. Earn money by writing Articles in newspapers

In today’s time, many colleges or school students are also ahead in college-label politics, in such a situation, they also have more information about politics and what kind of situation is present.

19. Earn money by writing scripts

In today’s time, there are many people who need scripts for their YouTube channel, like there is a short video-making channel, when they have a script only then they will be able to make short videos for the channel.

20. Earn money by setting up tea

You must have seen many such students who also study and do hard work in part-time. Many students must also think that we are studying well in a good college, why do we sell tea?

But in today’s time, we have many such examples in front of us who earned money by selling tea and spent that money on their studies! So you can earn money by setting up tea stalls and also give employment to other people.

  • Make money from web designing.
  • Earn money by repairing computer-related products.
  • Earn money by doing software work.
  • Earn money by working in a part-time call center.
  • Earn money by doing data entry work.
  • Earn money by writing content.

In all these ways, you can earn yourself as well as being a student. You can also bear the cost of your studies yourself.

For this, you do not even need to depend on anyone else, students should focus on earning money online because this will also save your time and you will be able to earn more money in less time.

If you can earn well along with your studies and you can continue your studies in an even better way.


In today’s post, we learned about how students earn money and ways by which they can earn money by studying as well as working online and offline.

If you study even while living in the city, it becomes even easier for you to earn along with the student. You can work in your free time according to your time.

How did you like our student money, please tell us by writing in the comment box, you must also read our other article to know how to earn money. You must also share this post with your experts and your friends.

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