How to Start Agarbatti Business at Home in 2023?

Today we will know in this post how to do agarbatti business and how to make agarbatti and how to earn money by selling your agarbatti in the market.

Agarbatti is used in every house in the morning and evening and for this reason the business of agarbatti in the market is very good, but the company making agarbatti makes expensive agarbatti and sells it in the market.

And for this reason, people always like to buy incense sticks with less money. So if you sell agarbatti for less money, then you can earn a lot of good money from the market.

How to Start Agarbatti business at Home?

The business of making incense sticks is a business that can be done on both small and large scales, now it depends on you how you want to do it.

The business of making incense sticks is a business that you can start with less cost in which you do not even need to invest much money and there is no problem in doing this business.

The business of making incense sticks lasts for 12 months because agarbatti is used in every household for 12 months every day. Therefore this business is a profitable business.

So if you want to do a business that has low costs and good profits with less cost, then agarbatti business is the best industry for you.

How to make incense sticks?

In the business of making agarbatti, you will need agarbatti making masala and agarbatti stick, after that you should have an agarbatti making machine to make agarbatti so that you can make more and more agarbatti in less time.

Agarbatti making material is available in all cities in today’s time, but if you still do not get the goods to make agarbatti, then you can contact the grocery traders of your city.

Because the traders selling grocery have contact with the traders selling agarbatti masala, then they can get you the goods to make agarbatti.

If you still do not get the goods, then you can contact the people selling agarbatti making goods by visiting the Indiamart website. On this website you will find the contact numbers of all traders.

Agarbatti Making Machine:

Some people make agarbatti with their own hands and some people with the help of machines, but if you want to make agarbatti in large numbers and want to earn good profits.

So you can buy agarbatti making machine because if the light making machine makes 100 to 200 agarbatti in 1 minute.

Which also saves your time and the work is also done without any effort. The price of an agarbatti making machine can range from Rs 30,000 to Rs 1 lakh . You can choose the agarbatti making machine based on your convenience and price.

How to make incense sticks?

The process of making agarbatti is very difficult but still you can easily make agarbatti. You should use an agarbatti making machine because of your hands.

You get agarbatti making masala from the market, which you just have to prepare by mixing water, oil, perfume, aroma.

Now you have to keep in mind some things that the spice you are preparing to make agarbatti is completely ready.

If you want, you can also buy a powder mixer machine, with the help of which you will be able to make agarbatti making powder more easily and this will also make it easier for you to make your agarbatti.

How is incense sticks made?

You can start the business of making incense sticks from your home or from a small place and by doing this you will not even need to open a company.

But if you do this work on a large scale, then you will need to open a company for this, for which you will also have to spend a lot of money. So if you want to do the business of making agarbatti, then first of all you start the business of making agarbatti on a small scale.

And make your own incense sticks and sell them in the market, if you see profits in this business, then you can also do this business on a large scale.

Agarbatti Packing Pouch

After making agarbatti, the most important task is to pack them in a packet, for which you can buy baking polythene from the market and keep them packed in them.

You will be able to sell agarbatti in the market only in packing because no person buys agarbatti without packing, then you have to sell your agarbatti by packing it.

One thing to note here is that people always buy that thing by looking at the packing of things, so if possible, you should use colored polythene, which you will find very easily in the market.

Incense Label Design

You must have seen that there is a label of some company on the packet of incense sticks in the market, which becomes the identity of those incense sticks.

So you must put your own label on the packing of your incense stick, for this you can make a colorful label from any printing press in your city, in which you can also write the name of your own company.

Make sure that the label of your incense stick is different and good in appearance so that people can buy your incense stick only after seeing the label.

Agarbatti Packing Machine

If you make a large number of incense sticks, then you may also need an agarbatti packing machine, which will make your work even easier, so that you can make thousands of agarbatti packets a day without any effort.

You can take the help of Indiamart to buy agarbatti packing machine or you can also buy agarbatti packing machine by contacting the same person from whom you have purchased agarbatti packing machine.

How to sell incense sticks?

If you want to sell your agarbatti in bulk and in retail, then for this you have to contact the traders who can buy your agarbatti at the price of kg.

And if you want to sell agarbatti in retail, then you should go to the city and contact the grocery traders and give them to sell their agarbatti.

Keep in mind that the grocery merchant to whom you are selling incense sticks must make a profit by selling your incense sticks, otherwise the shopkeeper will not sell your incense sticks.

Loan for Agarbatti Business

The business of making incense sticks takes very little money, but if you do not have that much money or you want to do agarbatti business on a large scale. So for this you will need more money, you can also do the business of making incense sticks by taking a loan from the bank.

For this, you first have to apply for a Mudra loan, in which you have to give details of your business information, the business for which you need money.

And what are the things you need to do that business and the things you need to trade, how much money will it cost?

Agarbatti Business Profit

You have a lot of profit in the business of making incense sticks because first of all, it takes less investment and you can also do this business from your home. For this, you do not need any extra labor and there is no additional cost in it.

You get the most profit in making agarbatti because agarbatti is consumed every day and for this reason there is a demand for agarbatti in the market. In such a situation, you can earn a lot of money by selling your own incense sticks.

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