PM&E Unit 5 Part 1 Long Answers

Social Sector Perspectives and Social Entrepreneurship. Social Entrepreneurship Questions Answers Long Answer Type and Medium Answer Type Questions IV. What do you understand by term’ social sector’? Social The term social sector is frequently used to relate sectors of Education, Health, sanitation and Nutrition etc. The term hasn’t been formally defined and therefore has come to acquire several counteraccusations . Two main approaches to the description are linked as The Human Resource Development Approach The mortal Resource Development Approach emphasizes investment in education, health and nutrition as a means of enhancing the quality of mortal capital which may be defined as” the stock of chops and productive knowledge embodied in people”. An important recrimination of the mortal development approach is that it limits the part of public intervention. In this approach individualities are anticipated to take over investment in education, health and nutrition on their pursuit of tone reliance. This approach doesn’t pay any attention to the attitudinal and institutional characteristics that are so necessary for rephrasing individual position chops into enhanced productivity at the position of the Frugality. Human Development Approach The indispensable approach to social sector is that of mortal development. This term has been defined by the United Nations Development Programme( UNDP) as the process of enlarging people’s choices’. ii. This conception encompasses commission, cooperation, equity in introductory capabilities and openings, sustainability and security. In this approach people enthrall centre stage, and measures similar as education, health and nutrition are emphasized from their natural. value and not for their part in enhancing their introductory capabilities of people. Que5.2. Answer Social Sector Perspectives in India 2 3 4 What are social sector perspectives in India? India faces a vast range of issues in the environment of the social sector, including the right to education, land rights, food security, health for all, gender equivalency, women’s commission, livelihood and employment guarantee consecutive governments have also tried to promote the idea of sustainable and indifferent profitable growth and development. Que5.3. But the reality is that high situations of profitable and social difference continue to live. 4 In a country as different as India, indifferent development can be brought about only through the perpetration of broad- grounded inclusive social programs backed by an acceptable force of fiscal coffers. What do you understand by social entrepreneurship? Answer Social Entrepreneurship L Social entrepreneurship is the process of feting and resourcefully pursuing openings to produce social value that are helpful for society. 2 Social entrepreneurship is each about feting the social problems and achieving a social change by employing entrepreneurial principles. processes and operations. 3 The entrepreneurs in this field are associated with non- profit sectors and associations. But this doesn’t exclude the need of making profit. After all entrepreneurs need capital to carry on with the process and bring a positive change in the society. They draw upon the stylish thinking in both the business and nonprofit worlds to develop strategies that maximize their social impact. 5. These entrepreneurial leaders operate in all kinds of associations. These associations comprise the” social sector”. 6. Along with social problems, social entrepreneurship also focuses on environmental problems. Child Rights foundations, shops for treatment of waste products and women commission foundations are many exemplifications of social gambles. Que5.4. Name and explain different types of social entrepreneurship? Answer Social entrepreneurship’s succrum depends on the nocial entrepreneurship chops, gift, and rates prenent in a social entrepreneur. With their ingrain bents and chops, thene social entrepreneurs can bring aloit major positive social changes in nociety. To bring about this change, they 1 2 3 Social Entrepreneurship Identify the Social Issue/ problem Social entrepreneurs are passionate about working the problem in society. They’ve an appetite to take positive way to resolve insnes naing social action and resource 4. Develop Sustainable Models The entrepreneur’s end should be to develop such a business that would bring in a profit for his association and profit society as a whole. They need to develop similar unborn strategies to give a sustainable livelihood, income, and coffers to the community’s people. 1. development Developing a Social Mission The focus should be on social gambles These gambles should essay to ameliorate the community structure, the people’s livelihood, ameliorate the standard of living of the individuale and grease enhancement in the terrain. 5. Impact Assessment For successful social entrepreneurship, one needs to assess the results and issues regularly. This can be done through monitoring and evaluation of the social impact developed through the adventure. Que5.8. in India. 2 Develop Support Every social entrepreneur should develop plans and strategies which would determine the effective operation of the problems. This may bear seeking support from like- inclined people, experts in the field and funders who would support them financially to achieve the pretensions and objects. Answer 3. Name some successful models of social entrepreneurship Successful models of social entrepreneurship are Study Hall Education Foundation( SHEF) It’s an association devoted to offering education to the most underprivileged girls in India. SHEF has worked with over 900 seminaries and changed the life of,000 girls with the program. Selco It’s a company rendering sustainable energy source to pastoral regions of the country. This design was the first pastoral solar backing program in India. Childline It aims to give help in form of healthcare and police backing, especially to road children. Project Management & Entrepreneurship Goonj It’s nocial enterprise that collects uned apparel from the civic crowd, norte them, fix and after distrilate among the poor and indigent. The relief work was done by Goonj during the times of natural disasters in Gujarat, Tamil Nadu and Kerala have been largely conceded. & Pipal Tree It worked to produce job openings for the jobless youth in pastoral Indin. Pipal Tree was started as a company that aims to conduct formal training to the youth and provides them with estimable jols in companies across the country. A Rangasutra It aims to revive the artificer and gift that’s unlarnensed in pastoral India and aims to give them with their meritorious 7 5- 7 RUISMC- Sem- 7 & 8) Frontier Markets It aims to give the stylish of technological results solar energy powered products to pastoral India at an extremely affordable to the remote townlets in India at the cheapest price possible. It supplies cost. & Association for Popular Reforms( ADR) It started as a PIL against the politicians led to the foundation of the Association for Popular Reforms( ADR), an association that scrutinizes election procedure in India. Que5.9. Questions- Answers Long Answer Type and Medium Answer Type Questions Answer PART- 3 Social Innovation and Sustainability. What do you understand by social inventions? Social Innovation 1 Social invention processes are designed to engage the creativity of all sectors, bringing numerous perspectives and different coffers to bear on a problem. 2 A social invention is any action( product, process, program, policy, design, or platform) that challenges and contributes to changing the defining routines, resource and authority beliefs of the social system in which it’s introduced. 3. Successful social inventions have continuity, scale and transformative impact. Product- grounded. Phorse hissi xially transformative. Que3.10 Name different types of social inventions? Social Entrepreneurship results frequently bear the active collaboration of ingredients across government, business and the non- profit world. Swal invention refers to the design and perpetration of new results that indicate abstract, prowess proxiuct, or organizational change, which eventually aim to ameliorate the weal and good of individualities and communities Social invention can be available in three forms n m Answer Different types of social inventions are 1. Socio- ideological Innovation This involves invention of ideological fabrics, mind- sets etc. Socio-ethical Innovation This involves invention of ethical/ normative fabrics,etc. & Socio- profitable Innovation This involves invention of profitable models, business models,etc. 4 Socio- organisational Innovation This involves invention of organisational arrangements,etc. 5 Socio-specialized Innovation This involves invention of mortal technology commerce,etc. 6 Socio- ecological Innovation This involves invention of mortal terrain commerce,etc. 7. Socio- logical Innovation This involves invention of logical and sense- making fabrics,etc. 8 Socio- juridical Innovation This involves invention of legal fabrics and laws,etc. 9. Socio-artistic Innovation This involves invention of non-formal institutions,etc. 10. Socio- political Innovation This involves invention of governance. Que5.11. Explain the ways to insure sustainability in social enterprise. Answer Different ways to insure sustainability in social enterprise

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