PM&E Unit 3 2 Marks Question Answers

Different types of query in a design are 1 Variation 2 previsioned query. & unlooked-for query. 4. Chaos. 2 Marks Questions4.13 Name the ways for managing pitfalls in a design. Ana ways for managing pitfalls in a design are given below 1. Brainstorming. 2. Root Beget Analysis. 8. SWOT Analysis 4. Risk Assessment Template for IT4.14. List the limitations of fiscal statements. ADA Limitations of fiscal statements are 1 fiscal Statements Are deduced from literal Costs. 2. fiscal Statements Are Not Acclimated for Affectation. S fiscal Statements Do Not Contain Impalpable means. 4. fiscal Statements Only Cover a Specific Period of Time.4.15. What’s balance distance? An A balance distance is a fiscal statement that reports a company’s means, arrears, and shareholder equity.4.16. Give the equation used in balance distance? An means arrears Shereholder’s equity4.17. Define income statement. An An income statement is one of the three( along with balance distance and statement of cash overflows) major fiscal statements that reports a company’s fiscal performance over a specific account period. 418 Give income statement equation. Ans Net income = ( Total Revenue Earnings)( Total charges Losses)4.19. Give list of income statement factors. Ans Income statement factors are as follows 1. profit. 2 Cost of Goods vended. 3. Gross Profit. 4. Operating Charges.4.20. Define fund inflow statement. Ans finances Flow Statement is a system by which we study changes in the fiscal position of a business enterprise between morning and ending fiscal statements dates. It’s a statement showing sources and uses of finances for a period of time. Project Management & Entrepreneurship4.21. Define cash inflow statement. Ans. A cash inflow statement( CFS) is a fiscal statement that summarizes the quantum of cash and cash coequals entering and leaving a company. SQ- 15 R( HSMC- Sem- 7 & 8)4.22. Name styles for calculating cash inflow statement. Ans. The two styles of calculating cash inflow are the direct system and the circular system.4.23. Define detailed design report( DPR). Ana. After the planning and the designing part of a design are completed, a detailed design report is prepared.4.24. Give significance of DPR. Ans. The significance of Detailed Project Report includes 1. Managing the budget. 2. Minimizing pitfalls. 3. Project progress follow- up. 4. Holdover the design.4.25. What’s design backing? Ans Project finance is the backing( backing) of long- term structure, artificial systems, and public services using a non- expedient or limited expedient fiscal structure. Questions 52. What does UNDP stands for? Ans. United Nations Development Programme Social Entrepreneurship( 2 Marks Questions)5.1. What’s social sector? Ans. It’s generally defined as a sector that deals with social and profitable conditioning carried out for the purpose of serving society. 2 Social enterprises. 3 Credit Unions. 4 Development Trusts,5.3. What’s social entrepreneurship? Ans Social entrepreneurship is each about feting the social problems and achieving a social change by employing entrepreneurial principles, processes and operations5.4. Name different types of social entrepreneurships. Ans. Different types of social entrepreneurships are 1. Community Enterprises.5.5. Define public sector spinouts. Ans. The companies that are setup to give the services that were before handed by public sector enterprises. They’re also known as externalised services5.6. What are credit unions? Ans. These are the community grounded fiscal institutions which provides saving and loan installations to their members.5.7. What’s the significance of social entrepreneurship in a society? Ans. The significance of social entrepreneurship for the society includes 1. Employment Development. 2. Innovation of New goods and Services. 3. Social Capital 4. Equity creation. Name the different openings for social entrepreneurship? Ans. Different openings for social entrepreneurship are 1 Waste Management. 2 Cleaning Services. 3 Green structure. 4 Water Management.5.9. Name some successful models of social entrepreneurship? Ans. Successful models of social entrepreneurship are 1. Study Hall Education Foundation( SHEF). 2 Selco 3. Goonj. 4. Pipal Tree.5.10. Explain the work of frontier requests. Ans. It aims to give the stylish of technological results to the remote townlets in India at the cheapest price possible. It supplies solar energy powered products to pastoral India at an extremely affordable cost.5.11. What’s social invention? Ans. Social invention processes are designed to engage the creativity of all sectors, bringing numerous perspectives and different coffers to bear on a problem.5.12. Name different types of social invention. Ans. Different types of social inventions are 1. Socio- ideological Innovation. 2. Socio-ethical Innovation. 3. Socio- profitable Innovation. 4. Socio- organisational Innovation.5.13. Describe socio- juridical invention. Ans. It includes the invention of legal frame work and laws within the system.5.14. What’s marketing operation? Ans. It related to all the conditioning operation in a request which includes planning, organizing, directing and controlling the conditioning which affect in exchange of goods and services.5.15. What are objects of marketing operation? Ans. Following are the objects of marketing operation 1. Attracting new guests. 2. Satisfying the demands of guests. 3. Profitability, 4. Maximizing the request share. 13. Be transparent.5.16. What are the practices used in marketing for a social enterprise? Ans Practices used in marketing for a social enterprise 1. Focus on product or service. 2. Show social impact story. 4. use digital marketing strategically.5.17. Ans. scrutinized by TapScanr 2 Marks Questions Define marketing for social enterprise. Marketing for social entrepreneurship is a social and directorial process in which individualities and groups admit what they want and need through the exchange of products and values. The task of marketing is to identify and define specific requests for specific products. 3. Not fastening on profit. 4. Lack of public knowledge.5.18. Name the pitfalls involved in social enterprise. Ans. The pitfalls involved in a social enterprise are as follows 1. carrying finance. 2. Counterreaction.5.19. What’s legal frame work? Ans. The rules, rights and scores of companies, governments, and citizens are set forth in a system of legal documents called a legal frame.5.20. Name legal structures used in social entrepreneurship sectors. Ans. Legal structures used in social entrepreneurship sectors are 1. Non- gains or charitable associations. 2. The for- profit social enterprise. 3. The mongrel model.5.21. Give need of legal frame in business. Ans. Legal Framework musts in Business are to 1. Maintain order. 2. Resolve controversies. 3. Establish generally accepted norms. 4. cover rights and liberties when it comes to business

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