PM&E Unit 1 2 Marks Question Answers

What do you understand by term’ Entrepreneur? An entrepreneur is an existent who creates a new business, bearing utmost of the pitfalls and enjoying utmost of the prices from the enterprise he formed. Entrepreneurship( 2 Marks Questions) 12. What are the common specific of an entrepreneur? An Common specific of an entrepreneur are 1. An entrepreneur is always auspicious 2. An entrepreneur contains directorial chops. 3. An entrepreneur always has a vision. 4. An entrepreneur is collaborative and has quality control capacity.1.3. What Entrepreneurship? Ans Entrepreneurship is the capability and readiness to develop, organize and run a business enterprise along with any of its misgivings in order to make profit. 2 Creative 3 Purposeful 4. 14. Give the features of entrepreneurship. Ans. Features of entrepreneurship are 1. profitable threat Bearing 5. Organization 6. mortal Relations1.5. Describe support phase in entrepreneurship development. Ans Support phase in entrepreneurship development correspond several support like i Infrastructural support for comforting. give backing to establish new enterprise. ni Develop being enterprises. 16. What’s the meaning of entrepreneurial capabilities? 2 Marks Questions AKK Competency is a specific of an entrepreneur which defines its effective performance in the entrepreneurial work.1.7. List capabilities which lead to superior performance of SQ- 8( HSMC- Sem- 7 & 8) entrepreneur, ARK capabilities which lead to superior performance of entrepreneur are 1. Quality conscious 2 Committed to work 3. Effective strategist 4 conclusive 5. Initiative Problem solver1.8. List the factors which affect entrepreneurial development. Ans The Factors affecting Entrepreneurial Development are 1 profitable factors 2 Non- conomic factors 5 Pochological factors 4 Governmental conduct 18 Name profitable factors which affect entrepreneurial development. Ans Foonomic factors which affect entrepreneurial development are 2 Labours S Raw accoutrements 4 pronounced1.10. Name non- profitable factors which affect entrepreneurial development. Ans Non- profitable factors which affect entrepreneurial development am 1 legality of entrepreneurship 2 Marginality S Social mobility 4 Security1.11. What do you understand by provocation? Ana Motivation is a process which makes person to get into action and includes him to continue the course of action for the achievement of pretensions1.12. List motivating factors which inspire entrepreneurs. Ana Motivating factors which inspire entrepreneurs are 1 Entrepreneurial intentions 2 Compelling reasons Project Management & Entrepreneurship 3. Easing factors1.13. Give compelling reasons which motivate entrepreneurs. An Compelling reasons which motivate entrepreneurs are 1 Severance 2. Dissatisfaction with job 3. Make use of idle finances 4 Make use of professional chops.1.14. Name propositions for entrepreneurial development. An propositions for entrepreneurial development are 1.J.A. Schumpeter’s Innovation Theory. 2 McClelland’s proposition of Need of Achievement. 3 Everett Hegen’s proposition of Recover the pullout of status. 4 FW Young’s Entrepreneurial group proposition.1.15. What are the three types of Motivational need described in McClelland’s proposition? Ans. Three types of motivational need described in McClelland’s proposition are 1. The need for achievement 2. The need for authority and power. 3. The need for cooperation.1.16. Who’s called an intrapreneur? Ana. An Intrapreneur is an hand who’s assigned with developing an innovative idea or design within a company.1.17. List rudiments which are needed in a intrapreneurial surroundings. Ans. rudiments which are needed in an intrapreneurial surroundings 1. Innovative ideas 2. Encourage trial 3. Vacuity of resource 4. Support of top operation 5 platoon work 6. price1.18. Name different type of entrepreneurs on base of profitable development. Ans. Different type of entrepreneurs on base of profitable development are 1. instituting entrepreneurs 2. Imitative entrepreneur 3. Fabian entrepreneur 4. Drone entrepreneur. 13 de Setand for? on halute Srivire Institute 100 What’s the function of DIC 7 en finom in metitution AGB is to feeds help to small diligence in prepeation of predet gert and specialized support service 121. What does NARARD stands for? Ane National Tenk fo Agridore and Horal development,29 Desertbe the function of SIDO? Ane 1. ARK 4 2 Marke Questions listelemallale industri prodotion and marketing of the puhi and presidentaney on quality control. Name different types of entrepreneurial development programme launched by government. Different per of F1′ laun hed be government are Atal hon nuesin Natumal ekall development charge Padkan Mant, Kaushal Vikas Yojna1.24. What’s the ideal of Atal Innovation charge? Ank AIM obiective is to develop new programmes and programs for adding tination in different working sectors. 1. What are colorful problems faced by EDPs. Ana colorful problems faced fw EDP’s are 1 Noclear policy at the public position 2 Nen correspondence of infrastructural installations. Lack of commitment and involvement by commercial sector. 4. Non vacuity of competent faculty.

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