How to Start a Paper Bag-Making Business in 2023?

How to Start a Paper Bag-Making Business in 2023?

After the ban on plastic bags, the demand for paper bags is increasing in the market, paper bags are being used in small shops, grocery shops, shopping malls. Paper bags are very easy to produce and due to the good demand in the market of paper bags, they get a good price.

Paper bags are attractive and eco-friendly, nowadays most of the customers are being attracted to attractive paper bags.

Today, the use of plastic has been banned in most countries, because plastic is harmful to the environment.

A ban on plastics is also welcome at all levels. Due to which the demand for paper bags has increased significantly in the market.

If you want to start a small scale more profitable business with less investment, then the business of making paper bags is the right choice for you.

When choosing this business, you should pay attention to the quality of the product.

Here we discuss some important aspects, keeping in mind that the business of making paper bags is started.

Is paper bag business profitable?

Paper bag manufacturing could become a more profitable business as the demand for paper bags in the market has increased since the use of plastic bags was banned and imposed. 

It is being used in small shops to big showrooms, shopping malls and even small industries.

The production of paper bags is very easy and it gets good prices in the market. Paper bags look attractive and do not pollute the environment.

For this reason, its use is becoming more and more popular among people. To make a profit in this business, you just need to focus on your market needs and product quality.

How can paper bags be prepared?

You will always need to think creatively to make paper bags to suit the demand of your market. Some of the special types of paper bags used in the market are-

  • Paper bags for shopping for goods,
  • Paper bags for packing food items
  • Paper bags for medical use
  • Paper bags for packing fruits and vegetables
  • Paper bags for packing jewellery etc.
  • Paper bags for industries or other use

Making paper bags is a small scale business and requires minimal investment. Investing in paper bag business requires space, machinery and labour.

Better research before starting a paper bag making business will help you reduce costs to some extent.

Choose wisely while selecting your suppliers as it will also affect your investment. The most important thing in this business is raw materials.

How to Start Paper Bag Making Business in 2023?

Paper bag business is actually a very big and good business, and it costs you very little to start this business, and at the same time you get to see a lot of profits. You can also start this business on a small scale. And you can earn a lot of profit.

To start a paper bag making business, first you have to select the location. But as we told you that you can start this business from home, so you do not have to think much about the location, if there is space available at your home then you can start from your home.

After this, you will need a machine, if you want, you can buy a paper bag making machine or you can also work without the machine.

You also need workers to do this work, so you can take the help of your family members or hire someone. Now you have to buy some raw material to make paper bags. Let us tell you that in ancient times, people used to make flour and use it in place of glue, so you can also use it.

To pack paper bags you have to buy some packets etc. If you want your company logo printed on your paper bag, you can also print it or you can send it for printing. After all these arrangements, you can start a paper bag business.

Paper Bag Raw Materials:

To start a paper bag-making business, you will need many types of raw materials, which are as follows.

  • Paper Sheet
  • Packaging consumable
  • Eyelets
  • Tags for handles
  • Paper Roll- Brown Kraft Paper, White Craft Paper, Butter Craft Paper
  • Printing Ink Chemicals
  • Polyester stereo etc.

You can easily get this raw material from the markets. With this, you can also order your raw materials online. But you should buy high quality and reasonably priced raw material. Therefore, you must check the goods before buying.

Paper Bag Making Machine

Choosing good machines for paper bag making business is the most important decision. To start a business, you will need different types of machines. That is, you will need a paper bag making machine and a separate machine for printing them.

You can buy the machines according to your requirements and budget. Both semi-automatic and fully automatic machines are available on the market. Please provide one for both machine types. 

What is the paper bag making machine?

Eyelet punching machine

Handle rope making machine

Roll Feeding Paper Bag Machine

Sheet Cutting Machine

Which is the printing machine on paper bag?

Screen Printing

Offset Printing

Flexography Printing

Where to buy paper bag making machine and what is its price?

You can easily buy paper pick making machines from the market. Otherwise, you can also buy these machines online. Choose your machines according to the capacity of your business.

The above mentioned machines start at Rs.300000, and some manual paper bag persuasion machines you will find even under Rs.50,000. And if you want to buy automatic machine for your business. So the price of those machines starts from Rs.450000. You can buy the machine according to your budget according to the capacity of your business.

With the help of these machines, you can make about 7500 paper bags through 65 kg paper roll in just 1 hour. And you can easily make about 125 paper bags per kilo of paper roll.

How much does it cost to make a paper bag?

Want to start a paper bag making business. And wants to know how much it costs to make paper bags. To start a paper bag making business, investment depends on two things. First, when you buy a machine, second, when you start working without a machine.

If you want to buy a paper bag making machine, then you will get this machine for three to four lakhs. If you do not buy the machine then you have to manufacture the paper bag by hand. After this, you can spend 70 to 80 thousand rupees on raw material etc.

Now we tell you according to the kilogram so that you can guess correctly. It costs you about 25 to 35 rupees to make 1 kg paper bag. In this way, you can earn a profit of 500 to Rs.700 per hour. It depends on your ability. How many paper bags do you make per hour One machine can make about 7000 papers per hour.

Paper Bag Making Process

We have already told you that you can do this work in two ways. When buying a machine, you do not have to think about it because the production machine will do it itself.

How to make paper bags at home? We are talking about how you will make paper bags by hand. To make a paper bag, you first need to fix the size of the paper bag, first of all you have to take a paper roll and decide what size paper bag you want to make. Accordingly, you have to cut the paper.

After that, the border on its side has to be glued with the help of glue. Keep in mind that keep the necessary boarder to close the paper bag so that it can be easily closed. In this way, a simple paper bag will be ready. This work is very easy, once you make it, you get used to it and you can build many paper bags in five minutes.

If you also want to add a tanny to this paper bag, you will need to take the rope and cut it into two small pieces. After that you have to add the rope to the paper bag. In this way, your tight paper bag will be ready.

But it is a simple method and it takes a lot of time. So in today’s digital era, many automatic machines have come, through which you can easily make paper bags. All you have to do is set the raw material well in the machine. And then you can make 125 paper bags per minute.

Paper Bag Making Business Profit

The paper bag market in India is projected to grow at 7.5% between 2023 and 2026. The business of making paper bags will be very profitable for you. Because you need very little investment to start this business and at the same time you get raw materials very easily and at a very reasonable price.

An automatic paper bag machine has the capacity to make 7000 paper bags per hour. The same machine can make 125 paper bags per minute. And you can get a benefit of 10 to 12 paise on each bag.

In this way, you can get a profit of 12 rupees per minute. And if everything goes well, you can easily earn profits from 70,000 to Rs.100000 per month, it also depends on the ability of your business. But for this, you will need to pay attention to your production and marketing smoothly.

License required to start paper bag making business

To start any business, first of all you need to get more licenses. Similarly, if you want to start a paper bag business, then it will be necessary for you to get all the licenses given below.

  • You will need to get a trade license from the local trade authority.
  • You must register your company with the ROC.
  • You will also have to register with the Bureau of Indian Standards.
  • You will also have to register the GST number for your company.
  • You can also earn the benefit of registering your business under MSME.

What are the things to pay special attention to when buying a paper bag making machine?

While buying this machine, pay special attention to the fact that it should have all the facilities related to making paper bags, such as-

Double color or four color

Printing Unit Attachment

3 horsepower motor for main drive

Flat Farming Dye

Stereo design roller etc.

If you do not pay attention to these features while buying a machine, then you may have to buy many machines instead of one. So find all these features in one machine.

To make paper bags, white and colored paper rolls, flexo colors, polymer satirio etc. materials are needed, which are easily available in the market.

You can also start a paper bag making business without a machine. That is, you can also do the work of making paper bags by hand. For this, you have to learn the art of making paper bags well, by investing very little capital, it can prove to be a big profitable business – making paper bags.

Paper Bag Business Marketing

Increasing the sale of paper bags is not a difficult task as it is needed in every field. Paper bags are used for everything from books to sweets. Not only this, paper bags are used for glass pictures, photos, sarees or clothes etc.

Contact the shops near you and tell them your product. Not only this, if there is a company of their related product around you, then you should talk to them that you will make paper bags for their product. By doing this you will be able to earn a good amount of profit.

Friends, any business man can run his business for a long time only when he can keep his customers happy every moment. Now the question arises that how will you keep your customer happy every moment, how will you fulfill their needs, then friends, the simple solution is that you take feedback of your product from your customers at all times.

You can ask them about the shortcomings in the paper bags you are providing them and what should be improved on them. By doing this, not only will your business grow but more and more people will like to buy the paperbacks you prepare.

Paper Bag Loan for Business

There are many options to get a loan for paper bag business, some of these are as follows-

1. Bank Loan: You can get a business loan from your local bank, for this you have to talk to the manager of your local bank and give complete information about your business to the manager.

2. Government loans: Government loans may also be available for paper bag business, some states and central government give interest-compensation loans to businessmen to operate the business.

3. Personal Loan: Personal loans can also be another option for paper bag business, such loan companies provide you with the money you need to run the business. Therefore, you can also approach other financial institutions for a private loan.


So friends, through this article you must have got complete information about how to start the business of making paper bags? (How to Start Paper Bag Making Business in Hindi) We hope that all our information related to paper bag making business has proved to be very helpful for you because here we have told about all the ways to increase sales and earn money from the cost of paper bag making business.

If you like all our information, then share this article with your friends who are thinking of starting a paper bag making business.

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