COI Unit-4 Part- 7 Business Organizations and E-Governance

Que5.17. What are the advantages ofe-governance? Answer Advantages ofe-governance 1. Improves delivery and effectiveness of government services. 2. Advanced government relations with business and assiduity. 3. Citizen commission through access to information. 4. More effective government operation. 5. lower corruption in the administration. 6. Increased translucency in administration. 7. Greater convenience to citizens and businesses. 8. Cost reductions and profit growth. 9. Increased legality of government. 10. Reduces paperwork and red- tapism in the executive process which results in better planning and collaboration between different situations of government. 11. Advanced relations between the public authorities and civil society. Que5.18. What’s the part of masterminds inE-Governance? Answer 1. To make governance more an mastermind must conduce toE-governance through computers and knowledge of cyber laws. 2. The masterminds have to understand theE-governance demand and develop reports. 3. An mastermind must know the limits of state action and regulations by acquainting himself with the laws that are applied by the functionaries. 4. Since an mastermind works at different places and sights, he must have the introductory knowledge of centre- state relations with reference to policy of financing the crucialE-governance systems. 5. The knowledge of Constitution is necessary for him in order to insure that the rules and regulations under which public and private sector workshop, don’t violate the vittles of the Constitution. Que5.19. Explain the need for reform engineering/re-engineering at the Union and State position. Answer 1. The need for perfecting executive ministry of government in India is widely admitted. 2. The inconceivable rate of technological progress and the rapid-fire advances in industrialisation, have assessed extraordinary strains on the traditional ministry of government in India. 3. There has been a rising concern to raise governmental processes effectiveness to a position able of meeting current and prospective demands. 4. To make government administration more transparent and responsible while addressing the society’s requirements and prospects through effective public servicese-Governance was introduced in India. 5. For realizing the benefits ofe-Governance there-engineering of governmental processes is a necessary condition. 6. The emphasis is on process redesign to grease and insure stylish practices in the realm ofe-Governance. 7. Process redesign involves the analysis and redesign of workflows and processes between governmental departments to achieve advancements in performance. 8. Deployment of IT results won’t inescapably deliver the stylish results unless the processes are reconfigured to the most applicable processes. else, there’s the trouble of relief of homemade processes by machine- grounded processes. 9. Processre-engineering ensures that the processes are redesigned to make them the most effective and deliver the maximum value to the government, its workers and to the common citizen. Que5.20. Explain the use of technology in judicial process and part ofI.T. professionals in Judiciary. Answer 1. The rapid-fire accumulation & slow disposal rate of pending cases has increased burden on our judicial system extensively. 2. Courts had to maintain all the records in physical manner and the old work styles grounded on homemade systems being continued indeed now. 3. The enormous problems being faced by the bar due to arrears, backlogs, and detainments can be incompletely resolved by the preface of ICT( Information and Communications Technology). 4. utmost of the backups can be incompletely overcome if a sound judicial operation information system is introduced in India. 5. Case Management, train operation, and Docket Management will be extensively bettered by resorting to the use of computers. part ofI.T. professionals in Judiciary 1. Installing and maintaining software for videotape Conferencing, Word Processing, Storage Managementetc. 2. Designing and testing computer tackle in colorful courts. 3. Writing and testing software for Database Management System like Courts database, Judges database, Case database, Petitioners databaseetc. 4. Designing, setting up and testing software for Encryption, Recognition of Digital hand, Voice Recognition and Recording, Imaging and Scanningetc. 5. Managing operating systems of computers installed in colorful courts. 6. Designing and testing Document Management for storehouse of judicial documents. 7. Creating programming to support a range of products, from Bar Code to Internet, Website and Dispatch tools. Que5.21. What do you understand by the term disaffection? Answer 1. Disaffection is a theoretical conception developed by Karl Marx that describes the segregating, dehumanizing, and disabusing goods of working within a commercial system of product. 2. An Artificial development system can be seen as a useful vehicle for measuring the degree of disaffection among different parts in the frugality. 3. The lesser the disaffection, the lesser can be the interference to growth. Que5.22. What do you understand by the term secession? Answer 1. Secession is the pullout of a group from a larger reality, especially a political reality, but also from any association, union or military alliance. 2. It is, thus, a process, which commences formerly a group proclaims the act of secession(e.g., protestation of independence). 3. The thing is the creation of a new state or reality independent from the group or home it seceded from. 4. A secession attempt might be violent or peaceful. Que5.23. Explain the effect of secession on artificial development. Answer Effect of secession on artificial development 1. Conflict and insecurity arising due to secession is a major interference to the artificial development and progress. 2. Artificial development plays a pivotal part in tempering secessionist movements. 3. Artificial growth is oppressively stifled due to secession. As a result, there’s lower assiduity for job creation leading to a swelling population of jobless individualities. 4. Hence the requests don’t achieve maximum effectiveness in the product. 5. Due to this coffers are used inefficiently and without long- term vision. 6. This result in steeper cost of furnishing public goods. 7. The lack of domestic assiduity forces the particular state to depend upon central government backing. 8. Secession is economically veritably expensive.

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